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  1. A couple of days ago I got this group of three pictures of Uffz Hans Kiefer. Nothing known about this brave guy. But the pictures himself tells the story. 1st picture shows Hans on 03.03.1918 sitting in the rear position on a Rumpler C I oder C Ia, possible during his air gunnar training. 2nd picture shows Hans (far right) on 02.06.1918 with his comrades. At this timepoint he wear the air gunnar badge but not the IC 1. 3rd picture is the highlight. Shows Hans with all his awards on 08.08.1918. He wear a one piece stamp version of the badge. Kind regards Alex
  2. A couple of days ago I got a small group of pictures from the german navy air service includes this one. This is a old postcard (not a modern reproduction) showing an see pilot and navy observer badge from Schaper. Great picture. Kind regards Alex
  3. And another not far away from Germany on the far east of Europa. It's a shame. Kind regards Alex
  4. Rick was a defender of a connected community where all people shared their knowledge to the community. Somehing that in real lfe is far from reality. At least this is my feeling. I have the same oppinion and threfor it is th best way to dispay the document for all.
  5. I want to add that my intenssion was to metion the name of Rick only on the panel like this: "In memorial of Rick Lundstorm" because I don't consider this piece as mine. It is still Rick's document. But the museum told me that the mane of the lender from contract will be listed too. Kind regards Alex
  6. Today I want to tell yo a story about Rick. Many years ago Rick posted the attached document on GMIC. I sent him a message when I saw it and ask him, if he could imagine to leave this document. He answered me that he want to keep ths document but when he pass away I will get it. You can imagine that I don't gave anything on this statement. Weeks after Rick past away (RIP), I got a messae from a member of this forum. He told me that he found my name together with this document notice that it should be hand over to me. I was shocked because I never expect this, especily because we shared only a coupe of messages and dont know each other good. Idon't had a good feelig to take this document under this circumstances but this was the will of Rick. I got a very toaching letter from his mother and decided to display this document on a public museum, where Rick name should ne mentioned forever. It tooks a lot of time but the document is now displayed on the Aeronauticum meseum at Nordholz. When one of you guys ever stand in front of this document don't forget to think about Rick. Sorry for the bad picture but this is the one I getfrom th museum. When someone of you visit the museum could make a better one and post here. Thanks Alex
  7. I'm glad that you guys appreciate this group like me. It is indeed a historical goup even Remy was "oly" a mehanic. I'm working on a public spay of thi group with some more pieces related to SMH Wolf. I hope you guay keepthis thread live. Go on showing your treasures from imeperial german aviation. Kind regards Alex
  8. It is quit here. This unique group of Flugmechanikerobermaat August Remy the mechanic of "Wölfchen" from SMH Wolf arrived me. He was together with Flugmeister d. S. I Paul Fabeck (P) und Vizeflugmeister d.R. Alexander Stein (B) the flying personal onbord of SMH Wolf. SMH Wolf was the world wide first ship that by default was equipped with an airplane. document for EK1 for achievment onbord SMH Wolf pictures with Remy Kind regards Alex
  9. Incredible collection. Very impressive. Thanks for the impressions Regards Alex
  10. because he don't have the EK1 on the chest, I would say it is the MEZ1 first on the bar. Kind regards Alex
  11. I would say MEZ1 EK2 MEZ2 unknown medal (probably a DA) DSWA DM with a lot of bars kind regards Alex
  12. Really interesting. It seems he never finished the pilot training because of his crash. The injuries must have been severe. He had the leave on the groud for the rest of the war. Not a satisfied situation. Kind regards Alex
  13. According to the list of all crew members there were only two Feuerwerksmaat on board of SMS Wolf: Braune Backstein And one Oberfeuerwerksmaat: Hilker. The man on your picture is one of this three. Kind regards Alex
  14. Another aquisition from the last days is this text book square punch see pilot badge. It is the silver gilded version. Although the square stemp is missing it is a nice piece of this maker without any modifications as seen on many of this pieces. This one cames from the estate of Flugzeugmatrose Riecker (II. SFA), awarded on 25.03.1916 Regards Alex
  15. Vary nice pictures, especially the one from SFS List. Maybe he wasn't a pilot when the picture was taken. I don't have a Klussmann on my data. Kind regards Alex
  16. I don't have the date or a notice but I'm sure that he got it. He was one of few navy aces. Kind Regards Alex
  17. Here a picture of the later navy ace Flugmaat Albin Buhl (6 victories) taken at SFS Windau on the day he got the IC 2. He served with SFS List, SFS Windau, SFS Flandern I, Seefrontstaffel , Marine-Jagd-Staffel IV.
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