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  1. Thank you, Antonio. Do you have another new medals image?
  2. Its look like different colors. I have one more ribbon to you link.
  3. I did find the photo of General Sachipengo Nunda with new (for me) medal. May be gents have some information about this medal? Regards. Ilja
  4. Owain. Happy New Year greetings from Oslo ! I hope Palestinian order coming very soon Regards. Ilja
  5. Awarded to officers and other ranks of the armed forces, security forces, police, prison services, and fire services for demonstrated persistence, heroism, sacrifice, and martyrdom.
  6. ilja559


    Hero of the Republic of Mozambique Marcelino dos Santos
  7. ilja559


    Order of 4 October.
  8. ilja559


    Hi Megan. Your link - http://www.tanzaniatoday.co.tz/news/rais-kikwete-atunuku-nishani-na-tuzo-za-miaka-50-ya-muungano
  9. ilja559


    Tanganyika Independence Medal (Prison version)
  10. ilja559


    Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano
  11. Nice photo !!! Thank you. Do you know last medals on this photo?
  12. Peter, it was Emmanuel post.
  13. Chamber of Commerce medal
  14. James, try one more time. May be some mistake with forum?
  15. May be Gents can helps with military shops or markets in Ho chi minh? Regards. Ilja
  16. Doc for Kraton Star / 40 years enthronement of Paku Boweno X medal
  17. Manila Police medal. May be somebody know when instituted and what ribbon it have?
  18. May be Gentlemans have information about this medal. From internet - "The medal was awarded by the Malaysian Government in recognition of services and for fighting in the Indonesian-Malaysian Confrontation during 1963-1966."
  19. I think this is one of Fuerza Aerea Dominicana medal. May be somebody have info? Regards. Ilja
  20. Генерал-полковник МНР, Герой Монголии Буточийн Цог
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