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  1. Dear Alex, For the first time I see this thread. Otherwise I would have responded much earlier. As many others noted, you have done a beautiful thing. As one who had the enjoyment of knowing Rick for years, I echo their sentiments concerning him as well as your positive commemorating action in making this document available to the public. Most sincere thanks to you!
  2. Most Internet sites provide free translation on variable selection. Simplified Chinese for Danilo is 达尼洛. Or go to https://www.coinsky.com/shop/search/index/key/达尼洛 and translate that electronically. This vendor may sell on eBay as 3_18482.
  3. Owain thank you for your images! May be able to find someone with old Spink supplied ribbons for you; will send you a note when/if located. Someone in the UK offered possibly reproduction Bahawal ribbons a while ago. An earlier post in a thread I can't find now illustrates one of the last Nabob's ribbon bars, no longer in my hands. Images below may interest...... First belonged to a staffer, 2nd an adj. & 3rd (querishi) a ...I forgot!! Have to look up names/ranks. One of them at least is in the attached photo. A CBE accompanies the Querishi lot but although obtained from
  4. The Zimmermann center resembles Austrian examples. Do not have access to Jacob's book now, perhaps someone else can supply information from it. I remember Jacob reporting Zimmermann as being active from at least the 1930's, making German, Romanian and Bulgarian awards. Rick Research believed Zimmermann began much earlier maybe late 1880's-90's. Rick's thought now makes more sense since this Sun & Lion dates before the 1930's! [Use of term Hofjuwelier another indicator] The factory was destroyed during WW II--damaged items from that factory debris have been offered for sale for
  5. C. F. Zimmermann, Pforzheim was a very well known German manfacturer of awards. Besides German honors, the company manufactured a very wide range of decorations from Bulgaria to Zanzibar in full size and miniature. Jacob's Court Jewellers of the World provides more details.
  6. Images below may indicate the he's wearing one of his father's mini groups? Comments or clarifications.... Constantine II does not appear to have received this award; it is not listed amongst his others.
  7. Raman7, Nick beat me here. Looks like the pin was indeed replaced. A few Lion & Sun red ray stars imaged in this thread have the less angular or rounded silver star ray configuration as well.
  8. Certainly looks like swords on both. Would expect that he eventually received First Class of both even though this image appears to indicate a Medjidie neck badge.
  9. Thank you Emmanuel! These look like soft enamel, correct? Are there any maker marks on either the star or badge?
  10. Thank you, Dr. Kolahdooz for these extremely valuable original documents and especially for your translations!!
  11. Lightening Strikes!!! For those interested in this thread--hold onto your hats!! A vendor seems to have gotten into Johnson's archive. The matrix for these medals just appeared on Italian evBay staring at a mere 100 euros! See: sc1-34) MATRICI PER MEDAGLIA GIOVANNI CARLO II ORDINE DEL LENTASIO ANNI 1930 Numero oggetto eBay: 223995816737 I'm certain that these cost considerably more to cut than the opening offer price...
  12. Further to Arnaud's comment, at least two vendors offered examples of Order of Reconciliation insignia within the past 5 months for 40 -50 euros. These may have been 'overproduction' or have 'fallen off the delivery truck'.
  13. Attached below find the document copy. As to Pat66‘s images, this type insignia did not appear on the market until 2014 at the earliest to my knowledge. I have studied this Order since 1970 and never saw such pieces until they were offered on German eBay. By 2016-7 they appeared on French and U.S. eBay. Rick Research, the guru of this award here on GMIC and elsewhere [some material links below], tracked down the originator. In one of his posts he exposes the chain of evidence. Unfortunately I could not find his specific post on the point at this time. Seem to recall that the piece
  14. Welcome Georgia on my Mind! And Pat66 as well! Have you seen threads, The World's Most BIZARRE Award-- A New Chapter!, GEORGIAN ORDER OF QUEEN TAMARA BREAST STAR 3RD CLASS, My First Tamara, Tamara Resurgent, and many others? If not, just enter Tamara into GMIC's search engine. Rick Research sent me a photocopy of a Tamara document issued in Paris by an exile committee hand written on a half-sheet of paper. If you cannot find that image here in an existing thread, I could share a copy of the copy. Bryansk1959 beat me to the punch! Pat66's image illustrates one of the complete fa
  15. Thank you for posting these rare and beautiful examples!
  16. An unidentified award image appears midway through the page 2 discussion of Burkino Faso awards [Posted May 29, 2014---topic link included]. The first image below depicts the item. This nearly 6 year old query may have found an answer via www.ebay.comitmItalian-Order-Medal-Opera-Nazionale-Per-LE-Citta-Dei-Ragazzi-Roma-Cased-Italy item 324112401347! The second and third figures below, the decoration bears a central medallion identical to the mystery object. The listing identified it as an award of the Opera Nazionale per le Città dei Ragazzi, a Rome based organization. Inter
  17. Cannot determine whether things between unknown neck cross arms are swords or the foliate device found between St. Anne cross arms. They seem to be the same size in all visible angles so I plunked for St. Anne [also because it is on the list!].
  18. Congratulations on assembling this group of rare decorations! Thank you for posting these images and information. The McKay collection at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. U.S.A. contains a Grand Cross and a Grand Commander set of this Order. I saw them in the early 1970's; the Grand Cross star had an inscription on the reverse but I cannot recall whether it related to the maker or to an individual.
  19. At neck may be: Kaiserlich Russischer St. Annenorden 2. Klasse [based on devices between cross arms] Last on bar: Ritterkreuz 1. Klasse des Königlich Schwedischen Schwertordens
  20. Thanks to all for contributions and work on this thread!
  21. Thank you! I like your https://www.coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/texto/mm03.htm work very much as you explain the 2003 changes! Antonio--Have you information about the Spanish corona virus cross decoration?
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