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  1. interesting image (The first one posted by 1812 Overture), anyone know who he is?
  2. As already mentioned, Friedlander, hollow swords, in my opinion nice, original quality piece
  3. Makers mark looks like FR, if it is, then its by maker "Friedlander", normally known for quality pieces regards
  4. Hi all, I have a question which may or may not be answerable but I'll ask it anyway just in case I'm wrong! I have owned an imperial EK1 for many years, its condition is as close to mint as is possible (To me anyway), it appears not to have been worn, the reverse hardware clearly indicates that it's of at least 1939-45 manufacture, as it happens, its by Steinhaur & Luck, The question, due to its condition, it may well have spent some of its time in a presentation case, does anyone have any knowledge or examples of WW2 made imperial ek's in cases, and if so, would the cases come as a standard WW2 EK style box, or a WW2 version of an imperial EK1 box, just to differentiate the two, (Different style of stencil on the top of the box etc). As I said, maybe not a question that can be answered, but fingers crossed. regards Alex K
  5. Difficult for me to say, but probably 14-18 period, as it may have been awarded for wartime merit. regards
  6. Hi it's the Prussian (Imperial German) Order of the Crown 1867-1918; 4th Class with Swords, looks totally original and a nice example, cant tell from the picture, but with swords could be awarded with the Iron cross style ribbon, black with two white stripes, without swords normally a pale blue ribbon regards My version without swords Alex K
  7. Hi Bayern, You are spot on with the price, the one I posted is for sale at the moment on a dealers web-site at around that price without note regards Alex K
  8. Hi all, thanks for the information, most useful, I'll "add" a note to my image for future reference regards Alex K
  9. Hi all, hope someone can help, it's a bit of a long shot, but attached is a (Poor) image of the Merit medal for the Wedding of Princess Sybilla 20.10.1932 bronze, simple question, does anyone know what the ribbon would have looked like, its quite rare as only about 275 were awarded, presumably to those who attended, any help, as usual much appreciated regards Alex K
  10. Hi welcome to the world of collecting, You could start with these Not always the cheapest but guaranteed originals http://www.liverpoolmedals.com/British-Medals-and-Decorations/ plus http://www.british-medals.co.uk/british-medals/single-campaign-medals.html https://buymilitarymedals.com/collections/british-medals https://london-medals.co.uk/british-medals-decorations/campaign-medals-singles Have fun, regards Alex K
  11. The ribbon at least looks like the korean_Crown Prince's Wedding Medal
  12. Wow, thanks for the links, I have seen those other images before, particularly Prinz Heinrich, I always assumed those to be "Colonial" Dress uniforms, amazing how regimented everything was in those days, regards Alex
  13. Hi all, I came across this image whilst browsing, and am puzzled, the caption mentions " Komandeur des Automobilcorps," I must admit I havn't heard of them, what branch of (I assume) the military was it part of, the image suggest some form of military/Paramilitary outfit, if so does anyone have any images of such? regards Alex K
  14. Hi Thanks for that, with regards to the medal after the BMVO4X, I was basing on the look of the ribbon, difficult to see but it appears to have multiple stripes similar to the Meck, mvk, but I bow to superior knowledge regards
  15. Hi all, He's actually wearing this, found it on a auction hause site regards Alex since the medal bar has been mentioned, attached, to me they look like Mecklenburg decorations, or am I wrong.
  16. Hi all, thanks for the information, I must admit I hadn't thought of the Netherlands but German. regards Alex
  17. Hi, assistance please if possible, this image from Wiki, shows von Kern, does anyone recognise the decoration indicated, It is familiar and feel I should know it but the brains not working, and I cant find it in my references. Any help appreciated regards Alex K
  18. Hi unfortunately, I have to agree with Laurentis, a good imperial EK1 ruined by some idiot Alex K
  19. Hi Tony, thanks for the link, I have actually been on that site, very informative it is as well, my first comparison photo came from there, it makes me think, given the dome shape of mine, that its a mid period one that's about all I can assume at this moment. The cockades, fixing and possible brass scales seems to be the issue from comments made by member Montfort1so I have to take that on board, and I've removed them temporarily, photos attached, my problem, is that the second comparison, from the dealers site, whilst incorrectly labelled as a dragoon helmet is actually the closest in appearance in most ways to mine, confusing to me. Oh well, I have plenty of time and will soldier on (No pun intended) until at some point what should be there will be there again, parts for genuine parts for these helmets do come up for sale, I would just like to thank those who made an input regards
  20. Hi, your comments confuse me slightly now, the above comments refer to which helmet? I've accepted that there are two officer cockades and rosettes incorrectly fitted to my helmet, they or it should be manschafften type, the second example Prussian 1882, shows only one, which looks like a manschafften, the second one, if fitted cannot be seen so that is an assumption. it is clear from both images, they are not officer helmets, I was not saying that mine is an officers helmet, as the spike base does not have stars, (That much I know) The dragoon description was not mine but the site where I found the image (Militaria dealer), perhaps they mis-labelled the item themselves, I agree that dragoon normally have squared visors, (am learning as I go along). Yes I'm pleased with my helmet, for the price I paid, I accept that there a few issues with the kokades and associated bits and pieces and thank you for pointing them out, all information supplied, whilst sometimes not one wants to hear, is helpful in expanding ones knowledge, thats why I ask questions, but think that the basic helmet is sound. I will concentrate on correcting the wrongs, I might even find out the approximate period that these helmets eminate from regards
  21. Hi Tony, thanks for the reassuring comments, clearly I would like it (or most of it) to be authentic and original, I accept that it may be a marriage of different parts over its lifetime, but original none-the-less, as I mentioned previously, my in-depth knowledge on haubes is not great, medals are my thing, the price I paid, was reasonable, and I gambled, you win some, you lose some, prepared for that eventuality, so I will in the meantime continue to educate myself as much as I can, in the end I still think its a nice looking "Conversation piece", for those who show any interest. Just to add some more confusion to my "troubled mind", I came across this, described as "Prussian Dragoon Pickelhaube - ca. 1882" seems to show, brass scales which taper like mine Flatter dome like mine?? appears to have more than two ventilation holes, like mine Wappen like mine cockade on the left side, cant see the right side but assume, there may be one, but mannschaften type, am I going mad!! If I didn't know any better, to me at least, it could actually be my helmet!
  22. Ok, thanks, one final question then, would the chinstrap be a leather one? regards
  23. Hi Thanks for the additional information, can I clarify, the Kokarden I accept, are officer grade and may not belong to this helm, what type if any would it have had, again, the chinscales you say should also not be attached to this helmet, what, if any, would it have been attached, would you like to pass comment on the remainder of the helmet, is it authentic, in part or whole, if authentic what time period is it likely to be, or are you saying its a fantasy piece, as I mentioned in my first post, I do not collect head-dress but mainly orders decorations and medals, it was a gamble when I bought it, at a modest price, if you gamble you have two results, you win or you lose, I gambled and am prepared to lose if that's the result regards
  24. Hi I don't know that's why I'm asking the questions, I'm no expert on picklehaube's, maybe they were replaced at some time, you may know better than I do, comments are welcome, they do look similar to the ones shown on the Kaisersbunker image example I posted regards Alex
  25. Thanks, I hope (and think, personally) that my modest investment turned good. regards Alex
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