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    Double Dragon

    Hi all, bought Gavin's book and a very nice and informative tome it is, lots of interesting information. With regards to the elusive type 2 Baoxing 1st grade 1st class, I came across this line drawing of the whole range (image credit shown) based on this line drawing and information in Gavin's book which seems to match quite closely the line drawing, I decided to do an "Artists impression", attached is my effort, comments, good or bad as to accuracy welcomed. nb The dragons are based on the image of the 1st type first grade also from the same site regards Alex K
  2. The truth behind the apparent commonality of the uniforms is the simple fact that at the time, believe it or not there was a lack of SS Uniforms by the Polish Authorities! http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=219610
  3. Hi all just to jump in, I've had the attached for many years, is it likely to be Austrian made blued core? there is a mark on the ring but I can't identify it, it came with the tri-fold ribbon which looks period. regards Alex K
  4. Hi all, a bit of advice if possible, visited a local antique/bric-a-brace centre today just to pass the time and came across the attached at what was/is a really low price, so I examined it and to me seems to be totally authentic, so I took a punt. Looking on the EK DNA database, there are strong similarities to a Paul Meybauer, particularly the reverse hardware, any opinions? a good deal or a clunker?, Edit, Magnetic core btw and slightly vaulted regards Alex K
  5. I agree, not a K & Q knights cross, and not an original wartime piece unfortunately, has similarities to a post-war souval made piece which has been messed with
  6. Alex K

    Double Dragon

    Hi Gavin sorry for the delay in responding, the differences are obvious now when you know where to look!, thanks Alex K (pm sent)
  7. Seasons Greetings! I wish everyone happy and prosperous new year Alex K
  8. Alex K

    Double Dragon

    Hi Paul, thanks, appreciate the reply. regards Alex
  9. Alex K

    Double Dragon

    Hi all, a little bit of help and advice if possible, I have spent my entire collecting interest in mainly European ODM's but my interest has recently migrated to Oriental/Far East of which I admit know very little but find very interesting, Imperial Japanese/Korean and Manchukuo, I think I've got my head around, however Imperial Chinese has me stumped, so my quest assistance. To start with a simple (To some maybe) question, Order of the Double Dragon, type 2, 3rd class, grades 1, 2, 3, how do you tell the difference?, attached is a composite image (with Credits), they all look identical to me, is it size?, or gilt/silver variations, unfortunately as composite images I don't know the scales, any help appreciated. regards Alex K
  10. Hi the number of flowers is a tricky one to spot, the gold and silver rays may also be, as with a tarnished medal difficult to spot also, maybe that's why I couldn't see a difference, thanks, useful information regards Alex
  11. Hi all, I have a question which may seem stupid to some, but whilst I'm reasonably familiar with European awards, Oriental ones are fairly new to me but look very interesting. I understand that the rising sun came in 8 classes (Up to 2003) and understand that, however, unless it's me, I can't discern any differences between the 4th and 5th classes,, the third is obvious as it's a neck decoration, and and larger the 6th as it's silver in colour, but the 4th and fifth? any help appreciated Thanks Alex K
  12. Hi, Thanks, I did find out eventually, that it was Korean, (By accident), maybe a stupid question butit looks heavily Japanese in appearance, maybe a stupid question, was this deliberate? Regards Alex K
  13. Hi looking at the image posted by Claudio, I don't recognise this particular star, looks like a mix between a Paulownia star and a Chrysanthemum, but is it a special grade? thanks Alex K
  14. Hi Tony, I like them, nice period look to them, keep having a go at the backgrounds, you'll get there eventually. regards Alex K
  15. Hi all, whilst looking for something completely different, I came across these interesting images so post just for interest, the caption reads "German helmets from the Victory Liberty Loan parade, New York City, 1919" and talking of "Ground dug relics complete with bullet hole", where do you want your bullet hole? regards Alex K
  16. Nice got one similar but my button-hole bit is round with Ges-Gesch on the back if memory serves me right, I'll have to look to see if there's a maker regards Alex K
  17. Nice photoshop job, I think it is only natural that she be "Brought up to date" Alex K
  18. I tend to agree with Robin, they've reached the "Collectable" age, My Souval Hollow oaks, (from the back, minus the loop thanks to inquisitive grandson), with prices rising, maybe worth repairing!!, with regards to copies v originals, repro's go in framed wall displays as "Bling", whilst the genuine stuff normally hides away for security reasons unfortunately Unfortunately, E-bay is full of buyers who get carried away and end up in a race, spending far more than the items worth, that unfortunately sets a precedent in that the next person with one assumed that the price paid is now the benchmark value and expects the same (Or more), just destroys the "Hobby eventually) Alex
  19. Hi Claudius is right, the value of attributable pieces with known provenance will depend on many factors, person, action etc, lone unattributable examples, not a great deal, less than many may realise it seems, attached is a link which many give you a dealer perspective. http://www.hillmilitarymedals.co.uk/british-military-medals/ regards Alex K
  20. Interesting, comments, according to his daughter it was part of his Ordenskissen, maybe she was confused. Hi Alex, yes very nice collection, (seen them before on another forum), this my S & L stern, this one actually has a period EK1 attached, I understand the earliest one's often had original pieces attached, regards
  21. Just returning to the subject of Grand crosses, but this time, imperial, I came across these images which may be of interest concerning Von Hindenburg's Grand Cross (Or one of them if he had several), together with original German narrative and literal translation, does anyone know what actually happened to his GK's? if this is not one of them, (Interesting how they included the suspension loop) DRITTES REICH ZEITGESCHICHTE, Reichspräsident Paul von Hindenburg (1847 – 1934) – Großkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes 1914, Exemplar des Ordenskissens seiner Beisetzung im Tannenberg-Denkmal 1934. Der geschwärzte Eisenkern etwas korrodiert, Silberzarge, Maße 62 × 62 mm. An der Öse und am Bandring befestigte, vergoldete Adlerauflage des Feldmarschallstabes. Das Großkreuz montiert in späterem Rahmen aus silbernen Lorbeerzweigen mit aufgelegtem, silbervergoldetem Wappen der Familie von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg, auf kleinem Marmorsockel. Dazu ein Brief der Enkelin Paul von Hindenburgs an den Autor Rolf Grams aus dem Jahr 1976, ‘Ich bin sehr überrascht, daß Sie einige so interessante Dinge aus früherer Zeit besitzen. …Zu dem Großkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes kann ich Ihnen selber keine Auskunft geben. Meine Mutter aber… gab mir Bescheid, daß dieses Stück aus den Funeralien stammt und bei den Trauerfeierlichkeiten… auf einem der Ordenskissen lag. Es ist erstaunlich, woran sich meine Mutter trotz ihres hohen Alters noch erinnern kann.’ THE THIRD EMPIRE CONTEMPORARY HISTORY, imperial president Paul von Hindenburg (1847 - 1934) – great cross of the iron cross in 1914, copy of the order cushion of his funeral in the fir mountain monument in 1934. The blackened iron core a little bit corroded, silver frame, mass 62 × 62 mm. In the Öse and in the tape ring fastened, gilt eagle edition of the field marshal's stick. The great cross mounts in later frame of silver sprigs of laurel with silver-gilt coat of arms in the mood of the family of Beneckendorff and from Hindenburg, on small marble base. In addition a letter the granddaughter Paul von Hindenburg to the author Rolf Grams from 1976, ‘I am surprised very much that you own some so interesting things from former time. … To the great cross of the iron cross I can provide to yourselves no information. My mother, however, … gave notice to me that this piece comes from the Funeralien and lay with the funereal festivities … on one of the order cushions. It is astonishing what my mother in spite of her old age can still remember. Images and narrative credits to AKG images
  22. J'accuse...!, interesting image of a former KZ inmate identifying a former camp guard, no information as to it's location, but I believe taken in June 1945, perhaps a clue is the KM officer in the picture, the Wehrmacht officer has a look of " I wouldn't like to be in your shoes" on his face Alex K
  23. Thank you all for appreciating my humble effort, (Who knows someone may spot it and say, actually it looks like this and post the real thing, you never know), the only other image I've found are these, unfortunately not enough details, but interesting
  24. I noticed the difference in the gaps between diamond cut stars and the one indicated in the image I posted, I'm at it again and after a slightly better image I think it may look like this, the laurel circle around the central medallion appear to be diamonds also, this is my best guess
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