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  1. Hello alltogether, I have listed and verified roughly 5800 Verleihungen in my Database regarding Oldenburg Houseorder Peter Friedrich Ludwig,now I would also like to verify the pictures of the owners. I was able to asign 25 pictures so far, but I am struggling with the rest of the pictures and I would like to ask you to help me with this. I am looking for pictures containing all levels of the Oldenburg Houseorder. I am going to display an extremly rarely picture with swords and laurelleaves and hope that somebody can help me. This is it : General von Hindenburg, owner of the golden Grandcross with swords and laurel. Best regards Kapitular
  2. A fantastic photo, extremely rare. First award: 28. Juli 1903, last award: 28. September 1918. Only 66 awards. Best regards Kapitular
  3. Does anyone know anything about this? The lifesaving medal was awarded since 1897. The time before, when no lifesaving medal existed, the civilmerit medal was awarded for lifesaving, in silver and gold too. After 1897 those persons, who had got a civilmerit medal for lifesaving, could ask for the new ribbon ( § 10 of the statutes). Look for more informations in my book about the lifesaving medals. Best regards Kapitular
  4. That is right, my FA cross 2nd class is 47 mm. It looks exatly like a normal piece of 40 mm. Regards Kapitular
  5. I am looking for informations about a "kingsize" FA Cross. Normally 40 x 40 mm, this cross is a little bit larger: 47 x 47 mm. I suppose, it was for the flag of a "Kriegerverein", but I am not sure at all. Perhaps anyone has an information? Best regards Kapitular
  6. Bonjour monsieur, as far as I can see, Vicefeldwebel Warczecha got the second class of the OL Ehrenkreuz, not the third class. Date of issue: 27.06.1918. Is there any chance, to get a detailed photo of this decoration? Best regards Kapitular
  7. Hello, not too long ago an Oldenburg Friedrich August Cross first class in silver was on offer at Thies. It was engraved on the backside with the Oldenburg arms. I also know the 2nd class in silver. As described in my book they are not a higher level but a luxurious version, also known in other german counties. My question is now: Is it possible that certain people like "Kaiser, K?nig etc got this cross in silver? I know of a box which is identical with the commandercross but the innersections are different of course.There is an old inscription "Oldenburg Friedrich August Kreuz" and come from an old austrian "Erzherzog". Maybe there are similar known awards in other german counties? Best regards Kapitular
  8. This little beauty I got today. Although only a lower class, I never saw it before. So I am very happy, to add it to my collection. Best regards Kapitular
  9. Are you speaking about my bar? That would be very great!!!! Since more then two years I am searching the owner, up to now no success. Best regards Kapitular
  10. The Ehrenritterkreuz 2. Kl. he got in 1906, February 27th. He was a "Postinspektor" in Berlin. Best regards Kapitular
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