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  1. And a very nice group, too. As a Peacekeeping collector I'd love to have the originals in my collection. I do have a Videsh Seva, Rakhsha, UNEF to the Dogra Regiment. I seem to recall the Gen. Lewis Mackenzie said in his autobiography that the Indian Contingent of UNEF were sports-mad, and dominated every game by sheer persistence - until the Canadians claimed that darts was our national game.
  2. There was "Ferret Force" in Malaya c. 1948. It was a special counter-terrorist unit.
  3. I've also heard "Gustav Gone For Good" and the "Goo-Goo Foo Goos".
  4. Lancer does not seem to have a website, but I found the following contact information: CAPT BHARAT VERMA LANCER INTERNATIONAL B-3 GULMOHAR PARK NEW DELHI 110 049 INDE Tel: (011) 664933 Fax: 6862077 It also might be worth keeping an eye on eBay. Abebooks is listing a copy, but at $137 U.S.!
  5. Funny! That sounds exactly like Volume I of the Central India Horse regimental history.
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