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  1. 1870 EK2 with OAKs buttonhole [attachmentid=35833]
  2. 17mm 1870 EK2 with 800 silver stamp [attachmentid=35832]
  3. Here are a few of the better ones. first a 22.6mm EK1 screwback [attachmentid=35831]
  4. Great sellection of mini EKs Dan- I really like the mini EK2 on the ribbon. I love Imperial minis and pick them up when I can. Here is a scan of some of my mini EKs. My favorites would have to be the 22mm EK1 screwback and the 1870 Ek2 with ribbon. [attachmentid=35800]
  5. a little closer---- thanks alot, Greg [attachmentid=35748]
  6. Hi Guys, I just picked this up this afternoon. I do not want to try to bend the pins to unmount it from the ribbon but it appears to be unmarked. To me it looks and feels good but I have been fooled before. I did notice the round Os in the 9s. I know some round 9s are bad but do not know if all are. Thanks very much for any help. regards Greg [attachmentid=35747]
  7. This is my blued EK2. Not in the best condition. It has some rust forming on the blued core. If anyone has a suggestion on cleaning up the rust please let me know. Would a light coat of wd40 hurt the blueing? [attachmentid=35318]
  8. I have to say- I like the looks of this piece over a real wound badge. Too bad
  9. Welcome aboard. Believe it or not but I found my 1813 EK2 on ebay.
  10. A very nice assortment of EKs. WELL DONE !!!
  11. Same here. I have seen the star on the screws but I have never actually seen it on the cross itself. BTW- That is a very nice cross
  12. Thank you for the positive comments A lot different response than I got at that "other place".
  13. That is the nicest example of that style of cross that I have seen yet. Well done !
  14. ----after a little scanning and resizing. [attachmentid=32602]
  15. Here is the card with an original 1813 EK2. [attachmentid=32601]
  16. Here is another old collecters card. This one from 1885 shows the awarding of the 1813 EK2. [attachmentid=32600]
  17. Does anyone have any information about this series of card? I am courious about what others might be out there. It might make a side collection. Thanks very much, Greg
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