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  1. Early type A crosses were made with the small ring attached very high on the frame and open on one side. It was a very week point on the cross and you will find many, many examples of period 1870s with the small ring soldered back in place.
  2. I like what I see. You are correct in that a 1870 Ek2 should not be maker marked. I am sure the mark is more that likely a tool mark made during assembly.
  3. Eric, Even with the broken pin, that is a nice cross and a hard to find variation. One that I'm still looking for.
  4. I don't know of a real "list" but here is a photo showing several different variations.
  5. Tony brings up a good point. There is no way to know if the cross and case posted actually belong together. I believe many sets purchased from dealers are mixed and matched. Tony----Very nice !!
  6. Sascha, I was always under the assumption that the "KO"s were considered to be the (awarded) crosses.
  7. The cross is a perfectly good "KO". I can't help you with the 1914/15 date.
  8. Thank you. Here is a shot of the reverse hardware.
  9. No new posts here for a week now so I thought I might show off my newest treasure.
  10. Nice picture. I have seen only a couple that show the 1914 spange being worn. I think Brian S. has a picture of a family member wearing his.
  11. Amazing find . I would be happy to find just one helmet like that.
  12. Both are nice originals. The 1st class is the nicest looking one I've seen in a while.
  13. Thank you all for the help. You helped to settle an disagreement between use on exactly what that ribbon was or more importantly --was not. (I won ) Thanks again, Greg
  14. I am posting this for a friend. Can someone tell me what the 2nd ribbon from the left is. My guess is a faded Wurtemburg merit medal. However the owner of this bar swears it is a white/black ribbon. Any thoughts? Thanks, Greg
  15. Plus---any 1870 that has a "Wagner" mark needs to be studied carefully. Over the years we have seen the Wagner stamp on all sorts of fakes.
  16. I would really like to see better pictures but that core design is not one that I recognize as a known original.
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