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  1. Sergio and saschaw, I had to dig through some records, but I did find out that I bought this medal bar from "hagekna41" a few years ago. Thank you for pointing out it is a fake. Dean
  2. Hello, One more..... 1914 EK 2 Cross of Honor Thailand Order of the White Elephant 5th Class– “Member” Order 1914-1918 Hungarian Service Medal Dean
  3. Hello to everyone, One more to throw into the mix. Order of the Red Eagle 4th Class Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871 Service Medal 1897 Kaiser Centenary Medal Persian Order of the Lion and the Sun 4th Class Dean
  4. There are some amazing bars in this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more to a Saxon. Merit Order Knight's 2nd Class w/swords 1914 EK 2 Lubeck Hanseatic Cross Dean
  5. saschaw, I have not posted this before and would be interested if someone could find out who the owner is. Dean
  6. Hello to everyone, I have found it amazing to see all the Imperial German medal bars that have been posted recently. I thought I would keep it going. 1914 EK 2 General Honor Decoration w/swords and clasp in Gold General Honor Decoration w/swords and clasp in Silver Cross of Honor 1914-1918 Hungarian Service Medal 1914-1918 Bulgarian Commemorative Dean
  7. 1914 EK 2 Honor Cross w/swords Silver Friedrich August Medal Cross of Honor 12 Year Service Medal 25 Year Faithful Service Dean
  8. One more. Military Merit Cross 1st Class w/swords and Crown 1914 EK 2 Military Merit Cross 2nd Class (Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin) 9 Year Long Service Dean
  9. One more. 1914 EK 2 General Honor Decoration for War Merit Cross of Honor Landwehr Long Service – at least 12 years service 25 Year Police Long Service Dean
  10. redeagleorder, Thank you for the nice comments. The medal is a "War Merit Cross for Women and Virgins." Dean
  11. Chris, According to my research it is the 20 years of loyal a diligent service to the Chamber of Agriculture in Lower Silesia. Dean
  12. Hello to everyone, One more.... 1914 EK 2 Honor Cross for Merit in War – Enlisted (Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen) Cross of Honor Bulgarian Soldier's Cross of Bravery 4th Class w/swords 20 years of loyal a diligent service to the Chamber of Agriculture in Lower Silesia Dean
  13. Gentleman, Thank you for the information. I have no documentation on this bar. I thought maybe the 50 on Red Eagle Order was awarded in the 50th anniversary of the institution of the medal which would have been in 1901 or after. I have now learned the 50 was for years of service in the civilian sector. There is a Kaiser Centenary medal, so I thought the Red Eagle Order maybe awarded as a military decoration, but as stated above, the absence of a long service makes that improbable. Dean
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