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    This is looking more and more interesting, eh? An "almost-a-Lenin" group? I await full research returns.

    In the interim, can some kind soul help me with translations of what Dave has shared here. While I try, the handwriting here is worse than most (some?).

    I hold out hope for the one "real" Red Star . . . .

    (I guess this can almost be moved over to "researched"?)

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    In the interim, can some kind soul help me with translations of what Dave has shared here. While I try, the handwriting here is worse than most (some?).

    Ed, here goes:

    Order book number 544179

    1. Family name: Guzov

    2. Name and patronimic: Mikhail Ivanovich

    3. Military Rank: Captain, (I can't read the branch, I think it's just an I/S)

    4. Sex: Male

    5. Date of birth: 1910

    6. Place of birth: BSSR, station Orsha

    7. Party affiliation: Cl VKP(b) since 1939

    8. Education: Normal

    9. Nationality: Belorussian

    10. In the Red Army: Since 1934

    11. Place of service at time of awarding: Chief HOZ(?) Independent Staff, 36th Army, Rear area Front (I think that's a right translation?)

    12. Chief of the same thing, for the 36th Army

    13. Home address: Chita-2 Lenina No. 126 Kv 13

    Awarded the following decorations:

    Medal "For Military Merit" 1458581 with temporary document 148701 by Ukaz of the Supreme Soviet dated 3 November 1944 (e.g. long service)

    Order of the Red Star 1923384 temporary document 579578, Prikaz 36th Army No. 019/N dated 30 September 1945

    Medal For Victory Over Germany document number 00015736 by Ukaz of the Supreme Soviet dated 9 May 1945.

    Order of the Red Star 3000629 in document number 544179 by Ukaz of the Supreme Soviet dated 15 November 1950.

    The second document lists his long service awards:

    Family Name Guzov

    First name Mikhail, Patronymic Ivanovich

    Date of Birth 1910, Nationality Belorussian

    Party: Member VKP/b/

    In the Red Army since: February 1934. Looks like he might have had broken service with the date below, but I can't read the handwriting, though it does show the dates of 20 April 1948 to 18 July 1950.

    His Medal For Military Merit was awarded for 10 years, 9 months of service with the Ukaz date of 3 November 1944. At the time he was a Captain I/S serving as the (or for the?) Deputy Commander of the 1233rd (heavy?) Artillery Regiment, RGK, 36th Army, 3rd something Front. His service was verified (it looks like?) on 12 September 1944 (or that was his eligibility date?)

    His Order of the Red Star was awarded for 17 years, 8 months of service by Ukaz dated 15 November 1950. at that time, he was a Major I/S serving for/with Chief of the AKhO, something something, 14th Army (got to love my translations!) :-) He also was eligible for the award in April 1950

    His Order of the Red Banner was awarded for 20 years, 5 months of service by Ukaz dated 13 June 1952. He was a Lieutenant colonel I/S at the time and was Deputy Commander for something with the 257th Independent something Battalion. The verification/eligibility date on this one was 25 January 1952

    According to this card, he was SUPPOSED to get the Lenin, but I think that since the award criteria changed, he never did, thus the missing Ukaz date in the block. He was eligible for it (it appears) in January 1957. Ouch! My guess is that he just barely missed the gold bobbly. Probably was pissed off and bounced after that.


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    Guest Rick Research

    I/S is Intendance Service.

    The abbreviation on unit for his 1944 long service MMM is 1233rd MG-Art Rgt. (? antiaircraft machine guns maybe?)

    1950 AKhO which I take to be Army Provisions Department, of Political Administration 14th Army. (A well fed commissar is a happy commissar)

    I have trouble with the 1952 entry too.

    The submitted but not followed up 1957 LOOKS like Battalion Commander of 7th (Runways?????) Matters.

    Final notation on that WONDERFUL card has on 23 February 1958 his "n/i" was "restored for "v"/ years" per St. D70-- so there was some adjustment of service time for whatever Section "D 70" of The Rules And Regulations covered.

    It is always the abbreviations and the Sovcomposwords that baffle me as a non-native speaker.

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    • 8 months later...

    Well, after a long (LONG!) wait, the research is finally in. Unfortunately -- though I had paid for it! -- The Researcher neglected to include the translations, so it doesn't do me much good at present. I am far less than happy. :mad:

    While I know it is too unfair to expect too much translation from forum comrades (and the other translator for whom I had considerable hopes seems to have fallen through as an option), I am a bit lost here. :banger:

    There is quite a bundle of information and it is frustrating to sense what little I can from what little I can glean from this (now, incomplete, it seems) group. Yet some of this seems VERY interesting and I would really appreciate whatever information our Russian-readers (how I WISH I were one!!!) can offer.

    We've seen the award record cards (thanks again!). Here's the service record, first part of the most recent (there are three).

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    There are two earlier (?) service record card copies, one from ca. 1950 and the other from 1956. I am sure they contain interesting stuff as there are longa nswers to questions that do not appear in the last version, and maybe I'll know some day.

    The service record from the latest one (shown above), part 1.

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    Help? Please. Pretty please.

    It is immensely frustrating to "know" but not to KNOW. I should either learn to read Russian -- easier said than done -- or quit this stuff. :banger::banger::banger:

    Should the translations ever arrive :insane laughter receeding into the far distance: I'll add them here.

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    Guest Rick Research

    I get overwhelmed by bulk/multiple threads with multiple people and awards.

    Mikhail Ivanovich Guzov was born in Orsha 15 December 1910. White Russian of white collar class background, no foreign languages. CPSU member since 1939 # 1,277,943.

    Trained as a road/runway construction technician 1932.

    Technical Intendant 2nd Rank may 1938

    Technical Intendant 1st rank July 1941

    Senior Lieutenant of Intendance Service August 1942

    Captain I/S August 1943

    Major I/S July 1947

    Lieutenant Colonel I/S December 1951


    retired 25 January 1957.

    ORD, two Red Stars, MMM, Victory over Germany and Japan, 1948 Jubilee.

    His MMM citation is standard boilerplate for what would be the mass bestowals of the November 1944 long service awards-- devoted to the Party of Lenin-and-Stalin, energetic, morally sound yada yada. He was then in 1233rd Howitzer Artillery Regiment in 36th Army.

    I simply can't keep up with MASS multiple translations scattered across numerous threads (while tending to my other "subforum gardens" here) so joggle my memory if something slides off my radar.

    PS I would say stop paying for translations that you aren't getting, since what you do end up with (in bits and pieces) I (and a very few helpers) are doing here for free anyway. At least you'd THEN get what you duidn't have to pay anything for! :cheeky:

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    Rick. I feel your pain as the forum's multi-lingual translator. I very much appreciate what you do for me and others. If you want paid, let me know. (I am quite serious!) I paid The Researcher for AWOL translations and engaged the co-author of the Red Bible for other translations that are (as we say in South Asia) "just coming". Where do I get the RNA transplants for Russian language ability? :banger::banger:

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    Interesting, I received my first research in the mail today and - also - without the translation I had paid for:(

    Just a simple red start that I had researched because it was a vacation souvenir... and it's frustrating to have the papers in hand yet no info:(

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    Guest Rick Research

    Just POST what you have in a new thread, Bob. One ARC and a citation (nice typed ones help :rolleyes: ) are fairly "easy" to fit in, time-wise: that's why Ed's Valor Medal got done today and not this. Entire personnel files take much longer, and other things keep intruding. Also, being just this side of legally blind, there are times when I simply cannot DO anything, especially with horrible handwriting. All assistance most gratefuly encouraged.

    Meanwhile, back to Ed's group (shifting this to the researched groups sub-Forum)....

    Military Assignments =

    5.2.34 Student, 131st Artillery Battalion, Transbaikal Group of forces, ODVKA

    January 1935 Deputy Platoon Commander, anti-aircraft battery of 10th Independent Btn of AA Defense, Transbaikal Mil Dist (hereafter "TBMD")

    Sept '35 Intendance Unit Secretary of rifles forces, same unit

    Oct '35 "Zav." ditto

    19.6.40 Commander (unknown word not in dictionaries) supply, 410th Independent AA Artillery Bn, TBMD

    21.4.41 Deputy Commander for supplies, same unit

    6.5.42 Deputy CO for supply, 1233rd Howitzer Artillery Regiment, TBMD

    5.3.45 Commander of Management/Housekeeping Unit onf the Staff of Field Administration, 36th Army

    12.9.47 Inspector of "Orginspector" Unit, Administration of Bases, 36th Army

    28.1.48 CO of Management/Housekeeping Unit 2, Administration of Bases, 36th Army, TBMD

    20.4.48 CO of Mgmnt/HsKpg Unit, Staff of 14th Army, Far East Military District

    18.7.50 On leave at disposal of Commander of Cadres Section, "VM" bases of Far East Mil Dist

    5.9.50 Deputy Battalion Commander ( :Cat-Scratch: UH OH!!!!! :speechless1: ) for supply, 257th Indep Construction Btn "VSU" of Baltic Military District

    12.11.50 Btn Commander, 7th Roads/Runway Unit, Baltic Military District

    25.1.57 to reserves per Paragraph 59 B (whatever that was)

    These are from his service record (tiny stamp sized photo upperright) and there are discrepancies with units and dates as of his 1944 MMM reverse notations!

    Briefest gloss of his 1945 ORS citation is that it was for energetic action and efficiency during field operations against the Japanese.

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    Guest Rick Research

    The "unseen story" here is that SOMETHING :unsure: happened :speechless1: in 1950--

    he went from being an Army level HQ type to an obscure deputy battalion commander. WHOMP!!!

    If you've got his service record as well, there must be aa court martial or a performance review that would peel paint off the walls.

    There was a wave of military purges in August 1950. :unsure:

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    Yes, Rick, got the full translation today. And it is a complex one. Noit easy to put up as "plain text". Shall have to scan.

    In the meantime, the 1950s:

    -- Head of Administrative and economic department - Staff of 14th Army of Far Eastern military district - Main Command of Far East - 0254 - April 20, 1948

    -- Detached at the disposal of Head of ОКТ ВМ on the basis of command of ОКТ ВМ No OK/3/10123 of January 14, 1950 - Far Eastern military district - 0184 - July 18, 1950

    -- Served in remote area in Chukot since August 01, 1948, which gives right of preferential terms of calculation of service time in the Soviet army under Order of PCD No 61-45, i.e. one year equals to two years.

    -- Second in command of battalion on supply - 257th detached building battalion - Byelorussian military district - 0357 - Sept. 09, 1950

    -- Acting as Chief of personnel department of rear of Byelorussian military district -- Colonel (signed) /Romanovsky/

    -- Commander of battalion - 7th road depot - Byelorussian military district - 0400 - Nov. 12, 1951

    -- Transferred to the disposal of Commander of troops of Byelorussian military district - Byelorussian military district - 0398 - Nov. 21, 1956

    -- Under order of Main Command of the Soviet Army No 0379 of January 25, 1957 transferred to reserve by cl. 59, i. b with the right to wear military uniform. - Registered at Minsk district military commissariat of Minsk region

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    Guest Rick Research

    Ah! White Russian Mil Dist! Got carried away and forgot B-altic was "Pribalt." I make this mental-block error over and over as I'm retyping from my own scribbles. :speechless:

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