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    A nice cross-over group for me, already shown elsewhere on the forum.

    I present it here to solicit (= beg) help and thoughts.

    Captain Mikhail Ivanovitch Guzov

    Red Banner 385124

    Red Star 1923384

    Red Star 3000624

    Military Merit Medal 1458581

    Victory Germany

    Victory Japan

    Mongolian "We Won" 54271

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    After looking again at this group, i am quite sure, its okay. The orders book was issued with the Red Star Nr. 1.923.384 and the Long Service Awards (Red Star, ORB) were added later. Now, his first Red Star should be a "real" award and the rest are his Long-Service awards.


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    Thanks, Gerd.

    Was also hoping for some help in reading the documents (even just his name) and in seeing what information could be gleaned there. It being the first of the semester, my colleague in Russian history is too busy to glance these documents over and I was thinking I might get some assistance here.

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    They are to Captain Mikhail Ivanovitch Tuzov (and if that is 100% correct I will be very pleased with the progress of my Russian lessons even though I never do my homework !)



    Thanks, Paul. I know, I know. Hard enough for me to keep the Hindi and Urdu alive, much less tiny bits of Arabic and Pashto, and a more recent desire and ongoing project to learn both Mongolian (both scripts) and Russian!

    Do your homework on this forum? Tell your teacher that. :P

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    I have found myself far more willing to sit down with a dictionary and slave my way through some gramata translations rather than make a serious effort at understanding the accusative case. My teacher is not impressed but I think it is perfectly reasonable behaviour !



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    I am sure the book and the entries are okay. The two last awards are 99% later added long service awards.

    The style of writing of the first two entries fits with the date. See picture below.

    Research of the first Red Star should be interesting.



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    Guest Rick Research

    Mikhail Ivanovich Guzov.

    MMM for long service 3.11.44, 1st Red Star circa 1945 for something. 2nd one for Long Service 1948/49 (I have one quite close in a group I didn't research knowing it was a "15" but date will probably be the same as yours-- his Award Records Card that came back was filled out BEFORE mine, so no clue on that date). Trd banner falls in a gap in my numbers data base-- either 23.5.52 or 20.4.53 for long service.

    Orders Book shows privileges from November 1944 and was filled out 1 July 1946.

    Victory Over Germany as Captain of Intendance Branch, on 9.9.45 and is signed by Major General of I/S "Tsybin," as Commander of Base Staff of 36th Army.

    Victory Over Japan as plain "Captain" 9.3.46 signed by Major General "Zamakhaev" as Coamander of Satff of 36th Army.

    Mongolian VOJ filled in by Satff of Cadres 36th Army CO Colonel "Lyvov.

    So what you have here is an ARMY LEVEL GHQ type. COULD be a paymaster... could be the codes officer. You'll find out. :rolleyes::cheers:

    Tsybin has a nice portrait over at Steen Ammentorp's place:


    While he only has a 1981 death date for Ivan Vasilievich Zamakhaev.

    So here's some new position date for you too, Steen! :beer:

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