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First World War postcards


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Some time ago I bought this set of postcards with the cover saying "BRITISH ADVANCE ON THE SOMME"

Serie 18 2nd part. Some of the views are very interesting and informative One has a group of American Journalists. Here I post them for all to see.

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Very nice collection :beer:

Just for the record : Dan, the legend on your "Cousins" postcard is wrong - both wearing Prussian uniforms.

George V is wearing the uniform of K?rassier-Regiment Graf Ge?ler (Rheinisches) Nr. 8 - of which he bacame Chef c. 1908.

The Tsar is wearing his uniform as Chef of Husaren Regiment Nr.8.

This regiment was not fitted with the Pelisse, BUT Colonels in Chief and Generals "? la suite" of Hussars Regiment were granted one - that can be recognized by its brown fur lining.

The photo was taken at the occasion of the wedding of Ernst August v. Braunschweig-L?neburg (late "of Cumberland") with the Kaiser's only daughter, Viktoria Luise. They married on 24th may 1913, in Berlin - and that was to be the last big gathering of European Royalty.

It was customary since the mid-1800s for royalty to wear the uniform of "their" local Regiment when visiting a country. It is said that Emperor Wilhelm I started the trend when visiting Austria after the 1866 war, not willing to further infuriate the defeated Austrians.


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Thanks Tony, David and Jerome. Knowing that your are following the postcards collection I will continue. The Somme advance could be a good subject fot the then and now. Here I continue with them. I am following the numbers on the cards.


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