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    First World War postcards


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    eastern front line.
    Krevo. Polish fortress XIV-century.
    In July 1917, the German defense - 3rd Landwehr Regiment , divisions -16.
    from 19 to 21 July, the Russian artillery fired on the positions of the 16th Division.
    first photo before the fight.
    second photo after the fight.
    sorry for the spelling.

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    yesterdays finds that are WW1 related.

    Like the third pic which is the reverse of the two patriotic cards, they are nicely marked. I think if the enemy captured your mail you would have a field day back then from an intelegence point of view.

    Jock :)

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    I have no idea, it is just a few postcards for me, I don't really collect WW1 stuff unless I like the picture or markings etc. I doubt it is Hitler as they all tended to look a lot alike back then, at least to me anyway!


    Jock :)

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