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    New member here.

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    Hello all, I just wanted to say hi. Some of you might know me from other forums. My name is Nick and I have been collecting TR for the last 17yrs or so. Prior to that I was collecting US since about 1976. My main focus in collecting is TR visors (any visor I love them all). I also collect Heer officers uniforms with a few SA and political mixed in. Looking forward to getting in to some discussions here. Looks to be a real good forum. I know I recognize more than a few names here. :beer:

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    Just let me know what you want to see. My focus was Army. I kept one example of every piece of issue clothing, equipment and medals (except the MOH of course) that were issued during WWII to the Army. The only exception was I sold all my airborne stuff. The crazy money it was getting was too much to resist. In fact one d-bail para lid bought my first three TR visors. I also still have a nice complete uniform grouping from a field surgeon from WWI.

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    Do you have any researched purple hearts?

    In the "Themes" forum there is a thread about "the Wounded" and about "KIAs", some good purple heart material is lacking.

    Some WW1 uniforms in the US section would be great, I cannot find any good info online. there seems to be tunics in 1917 patterm 1918 patterm inner pockets, outer pockets etc. etc.



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    Yes I do have a PH grouping for a wounded. I have all his medals and discharge papers. He was a 2nd armored vet who was wounded in the bulge.

    Outstanding! I have a Vietnam purple heart group posted,

    Here is where we are waiting with baited breath for the Bulge group...


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