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    Here is my next tunic. I will post it in full when it arrives. I will leave you with this one hint. It is all in the photo! The photo and your reference books can reveal something I have only dreamed about seeing...

    Vol2 Of Angolia's Luftwaffe series is a great place to look!!

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    The tunic is for a Luftwaffe pharmacist. J. Hahn was nice enough to provide me link to a dealer in Norway who had it up for sale. It is a tailor made four pocket tunic for a Pharmacist. To make this an even sweeter deal, the light green nebenfarbe is the MUCH rarer, early boards. The nebenfarbe was changed before the war to orange. I am still searching for an example of that one.

    I feel very lucky in that I have never been able to find a single board with this early green designator in the past, and with some help I have an entire tunic!

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    Thanks Eric and Bill. It has not been easy to find these things.

    I am generally alerted to most of these by fellow forum members and collectors. The good thing about not "having a life" is that also I spend hours searching various websites and on the web daily.

    The Pharmacist tunic came from a small dealer in Norway. I have always wanted a pharmacist tunic as it filled my two major focuses... Luftwaffe and medical. J. Hahn sent me an email stating that he found an admin tunic for me. After reviewing the link he sent me ( www.militaria.as ), I sent an email to the dealer requesting closeups as the photos were small. When I examined the photos, I almost fell out of my chair. Not only was it an admin tunic, it was for an early pharmacist. The excitement was further fueled by the fact that the tunic was not only for a pharmacist, but it was the early version(with the light green nebenfarbe). This was used for a very short period of time.

    In 1940, the pharmacists changed their nebenfarbe to orange(Which was shared by Psychologists, Chemists, Librarians, and Medical specialists- I would assume to be Lab, medical records, and etc.). I would love to complete my Luftwaffe Medical collection by finding one of these. :jumping:

    Due to being on a limited budget(imposed by my new spouse), I do not have much as many tunics as many collectors. I have been trading off things to refine my collection the past few years.

    I would LOVE to find a Navigator tunic.

    On the Luftwaffe side of the house I have:

    1. Medical Major's Fliegerbluse

    2. Flak Gref Fliegerbluse

    3. Flight Gref Fliegerbluse

    4. Medical EM Tuchrock

    5. Wartime Official Feldwebel Tuchrock(Sonderfuhrer).

    6. Flight Band Master Uniform(Tuchrock)

    7. Pharmacist Officer Tuchrock

    On the Heer Side, I have:

    1. Medical Uffz M40.

    I am always looking for nice Luftwaffe Admin tunics! :rolleyes:

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    Thanks John. I would just like to pet it for while longer!!! :cheeky: I have just re-read my posts... I can definitely tell that excitement had a firm grip over me. I have never seen so many grammar errors in one thread! Sorry about that :cheers:

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