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    ARAB MEDALS -- Mauritania

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    Somewhat strange that Ilja's image above, presumably from some official source, depicts the grand cordon as a neck badge & star and the grand officer as only a neck badge, same as commander.  Images of grand cordon and grand officer badges appear to illustrate the reverse rather than the obverse side of the insignia.  Illustrations of the other three grades portray the obverse.


    Statutes [Ordonnance N° 61-182, 2 Novembre 1961] provide:  

    L'insigne de commandeur se porte en sautoir, suspendu à un ruban de même largeur que celui de chevalier et d'officier.     {Commander = neck badge}

    Les grands officiers portent également sur le côté droit de la poitrine une plaque qui comprend l'insigne de l'ordre en émail reposant sur un plateau d'argent de 90 mm de diamètre.  {Grand Officer = neck badge & star}

    Les grands cordons (loi no 72.040 article 4) portent l'insigne de grand officier, mais de 60 mm de diamètre, suspendu à un grand cordon de 101 mm de large aux couleurs de l'ordre, passant sur l'épaule droite.
    De plus, ils portent sur le côté gauche de la poitrine une plaque semblable à celle de grand officier.    {Grand Cordon = sash, sash badge & star}


    A vitrine seen during a visit to the Orders Chancery in 2002 contained the full range of Mauritanian decorations including National Order grades as described in the Statutes cited above.   Amendments to the Statutes known to me, most recent dated  31 juillet 1972, do not change the insignia format.

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    Hello Gentlemen, all Mauritania Medals except the National Order and sometimes the 3 ranks Medal of National Merit, are very hard to catch.

    I was ounce lucky enough to catch the Medal of Military Valour.


    Mauritania Medal of Military Valour obverse.jpg

    Mauritania Medal of Military Valour reverse.jpg

    I have ounce got an averagely good photo of the Mauritania Medals for war Wounded

    If any body on this forum may have that medal for sale, I might be interested.



    Mauritania Medal of Honor of the War Wounded-1.jpg

    There is at least one Medal or Order, that is not listed on the photo provided by Ilja, it's the Order of Sport Merit. No idea if I got a single class award (mine is in bronze), or if it exist in 3 Classes (bronze, silver & gold). However, it is what it is. It's made by Arthus Bertrand, and enamel is of good quality. Now you can enjoy the photo.


    Mauritanie Ordre du Mérite Sportif obverse.jpg

    Mauritanie Ordre du Mérite Sportif reverse.jpg

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    Dear Emmanuel,

    Christmas greetings from Riyadh.

    It is interesting to note that the Arabic on the reverse of the 'Medaille De la Valeur Militaire' reads, 'Order of Military Merit' (Wissam Al Isthaqaq Al Askari).

    The 'Medaille Des Blesses De Guerre' reads 'Order of War Wounded' (Wissam JIrhai Al Harb).

    The obverse of the sports medal reads 'Mauritania' and the reverse reads, I think, 'Justice, Brotherhood, Honour' (A'adel Akha'a Sharf).

    Kind regards,


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