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    Hi Vic,

    Soooooo pleased these arrived safe and sound. Boy, that guy sure has a bit of a Buddy Holly thing going there doesn't he? :cheeky:

    As before, I think this is a real find complete with the dog tags. :jumping::jumping:

    Dan :cheers:

    Hi Dan,

    Glad you like it :cheers:

    May be when his plane did not go down, he may of been kidnaped :ninja: by the Soviet Union and forced to work for the DDR Army :cheeky::P

    Order of Victory

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    Hi all,

    I used to deal with a guy in Florida who was into DDR. He'd served in army intelligence over in Germany and knew quite a bit about the DDR and had been there several times. The DDR required all young men and women reaching a given age (can't remember but think it was like 17 for the guys and 18 for the women or something like that) had to serve at least a minimum term in the military (I think a year). This seems to be what several if not all of the Warsaw Pact countries did. My understanding from him was that most did not want to serve, did so begrudgingly and could not wait to get out. So they'd put in their minimum time, most being miserable while serving and high tail it out asap when their time was up. Therefore the vast majority didn't have any medals and awards to speak of. It tended to be the long serving NCO's, Warrant Officers and Officers who got a bunch of stuff. Even among the officers most seem to have only a medal or two. You can see this in the last DDR parade video... most have nothing or perhaps an academy badge, NVA sports badge, shooting cord but that's about it. Only a few have awards beyond that and only a very few seemed to have a sizeable rack of medals and other awards.

    So my guess is that ID books with awards listed will be few and far between, and those with a bunch of awards... well, if you find em' ya better grab em'! :rolleyes:

    Hope this helps, :beer:

    Dan :cheers:

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