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    Post your (R) Reiterabzeichen and (R) Fahrerabzeichen

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    I understood that to be considered original TR period the right elbow had to be seen...which is NOT the case in Pic no.4, althogh the S&L miniature does not have this either!

    Here is my Gold in wear on an SS-Standartenfuhrer tunic.

    Very nice tunic :jumping:

    All the Reiterabzeichen made by L. Chr. Lauer N?rnberg-Berlin show the right elbow of the rider.

    All the Reiterabzeichen made by Steinhauer & L?ck L?denscheid the horse and rider look slightly different and there is no right elbow visible.

    The post war originals with out the ? are all made by Steinhauer & L?ck = no elbow

    The post war copies (fakes) of Reiterabzeichen with ? are made with the Steinhauer & L?ck (no elbow) motive.

    In some of my original WWII portraits of soldiers wearing a Reiterabzeichen you can tell if it is a Lauer or a S&L by the right elbow of the rider either present or missing.

    Pic #4 I believe is a very well made copy of the S&L Reiterabzeichen. Have a look at Pic #3 It is a late war zinc original S&L (no elbow)

    Can you post a close-up of your Reiterabzeichen?

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    Posted Images

    For comparison:

    Two original Reiterabzeichen -left a Lauer, right a S&L.

    (note while on the Lauer the rider relaxes his right arm, showing the elbow behind his back, on the S&L the rider holds both arms parallel.



    the minis




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    comparison between two original S&L Reiterabzeichen in bronze

    left: early post war (1960s) - right: WWII (zinc 1942)


    note the different text on the back



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    An interesting thread.

    Doing a googleimages search on these brings up all sorts of pictures of young blond ladies at gymkhanas on ponies these days.

    However, most photos show only the documents being awarded and the tests requirements (you can get cram books for the reiterabzeichen on amazon!)

    Does one still have to purchase the badges from a jeweler in Germany/Austria these days?

    if so, what do the newer ones look like?

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    When I applied for my test (quite a few years ago) the fee included the award - if you lost it or you wanted an extra badge you had to order it from the <i>Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung</i> by sending a copy of your award document.

    - note: the Reiterabzeichen in wear (2007) - the current ones are made by Steinhauer& Lück in the same design as the old ones, but without the ®

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