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    Post your (R) Reiterabzeichen and (R) Fahrerabzeichen

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    Reiterabzeichen in Bronze Award Statistics:

    (Numbers compiled from award documents)

    Numbers awarded

    post-1062-051599600 1294115422_thumb.jpg

    Between March and August of 1941 the count was changed from number awarded since institution to number awarded within the year.

    post-1062-080986700 1294115486_thumb.jpg

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    Horse Donation Plaque in gold. Yes, I know... only "supposed" to be in black iron. But John Angolia saw this in person when I visited him many many moons ago and gave it a thumbs up. No explantion for it being in gold though. Never seen another. Picked it up in a small pawn shop in Florida for about $50 back in the day when TR could still be had for fairly cheap. The shop only had one other TR and/or item of militaria and that was a German Heer Stahlhelm which was also original.

    post-873-008647700 1294144110_thumb.jpg

    post-873-090906200 1294144121_thumb.jpg

    I'd love to know the history behind this one but so far nothing has come to light. But would eventually love to add some of these badges to it to make a small sub collection some day.beer.gif

    Dan cheers.gif

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    Reiter Rahmen 2.pdf


    Ein mit Halbmond / Krone und 900 gestempelter Rahmen mit Reiterabzeichen.

    Die Steinschneiderei mit Monogramm des Künstlers.

    Das Reiterabzeichen ist 990 gestempelt und hat neben dem Hersteller das Monogramm JR ganz klein und sauber eingeritzt.

    Wenn jemand eine Idee hat was es ist, dann würde ich mich sehr freuen.

    The back of the frame is marked half-moon /crown and 900. The cameo with artist monogram.

    The badge, 990 by Lauer, has the owners initials "JR" scratched on the back, very very small, unnoticeable unless you look for it.

    Any comments?

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    This arrived today.


    Regards Morten.

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