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    The Fall of The Third Reich

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    I thought this may intrest some members :unsure:

    Photographer Evguenu Khaldei

    Year 1945

    Location Berlin

    On may 2 1945 Evguenu Khaldei a Ukrainian photogapher working for the TASS news agency, created one of those dramatic 20th Century images that is still celebrated for its Iconic representation of synbolic moment in the Scond World War. Khaldei's photograph portayed a Soviet Soldier raising a Soviet flag above the ruins of the Reichstag in Berlin at the fall of the third reich. As with many such imiges it was set up. Khaldei was a war photographer in charge of propaganda. As Soviet troops aproached Berlin, he was anxiousto acquire asoviet flag to use as suitable baackdrop. "He convinced TASS to let him take the red tablecloths used during Pary and syndicate meetings. The night befor his trip, he made, from those, three Soviet flags with the help of his friend tailor." says Aline Manoukian of Mark Grosset Photographs.

    In Berlin, Khaldei was determined to photograph the flag at the top of the Reichstag. When he reached the burt out structure, fighting was still going on in the basement. Khaldei and three soldiers climbed up on to the roof that was stillslippery with blood from fierce fighting. After trying out several positions, a Russian Alexi Kovaloyov, held out the flag and Khaldei took the famous photograph. Well aware of the potentional power of the image, the Kremlins picture editor airbrushed out one of two wrist watches worn by the supporting soldier, to prevent accusations of looting. And deferenc to Stalin, they put it about that the flag raiser was a felow Georgian supported by a Russian.

    By Joanna Pitman

    Here are some imigages from th earticle :jumping:

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    Classic propaganda. Literally.

    No one will ever know when these photos were really taken.

    But I sincerely doubt the roof was still 'slick with blood from the fighting' when the picture was taken.

    In any event it don't matter; it *was* Berlin in '45, and the Russians were the winners. 'nuff said.

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    hello, everybody now knows that they were taken the day after the final assault...I should take again my ref book, but some soldiers of the sgt. Kantaria platoon managed to climb on the roof in the last hours of the combats, but technically no photo could be taken without danger for the photograph. There were an order to put the flag of victory for the 1st of may... Those famous images were taken the day after with the reichstag "secured".

    could anyone precise these facts please, my memories aren't so good!

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