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    Now I have to clean up all this bird crap ... !

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    It is silver-gilt. From the style of the small crown on the reverse, the wreath, the swords, the suspension, and the eagle's head, I'd say ours were made by the same maker. Stijn David put a list of makers in the White Falcon thread a few weeks ago, but I have no idea which is which.

    Here is another type, from a Hermann Historica auction a while ago. Note especially the eagle's head, the wreath and the closed crown:


    Here is a commander's cross, also from a Hermann Historica auction. Note the reverse crown and wreath is closer to our examples, but the swords are different (wedge-shaped hilts) and the eagle is more detailed (which makes sense for a higher grade commander's cross):


    Those wedge-shaped sword hilts, by the way, do not seem to be very common. The only awards I have with them are from Reuss and the Bandspangen on my silver and bronze Allgemeinen Ehrenzeichen from Saxe-Weimar:


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