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What could it be?

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Don you are enjoying this a little too much aren't you.This reminds me of Eddie Murphy Raw;"I got some ice cream and you ain't got none"etc.etc.

I know how you feel though,the mail man is my adult version of Santa Claus,now if I can just figure out how to get him to pay for it as well as deliver.LOL


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Guest Darrell

can you re-arrainge them?

Well by judging by how the bar is put together, I dont think this is going to be easy if possible. You'd almost have to pull the backing plate off to rearrange the ribbons, and they'd probably come undone. The medals look to be in little rings attached to this backing plate. It would require the separation of the medal ribbon rings ... ninja.gif

P.S. On a side note ... anyone getting medals sent up from the US to Canada ... use this method GLOBAL PRIORITY PLUS (like Don did). Things usually show up within +/- 6-7 days .. awesome service jumping.gif

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I thought from the front this would be the normal individual tab back on metal back plate style.

I have NEVER seen anything that looks like that back. The mounting order should be (as the awards now are) 1, 4, 3, 2.

Is the metal backing including tabs on front entirely hand made, or stamped out manufactured?

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The back plate looks like it is stamped.If it was taken apart small rings would

have to be cut.I think it made as shown.It looks well made and all medals are

marked.I can return if I wish but plan on keeping it


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