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I consider myself very lucky. The odd (authentic) pix that shows up usually fetches outrageous sums of money. Especially previously unknown/unpublished private photos. Recently, a postcard popped up on eBay in the US. One postcard. It showed a profile of vonRichtofen putting his hat back on after paying his respects at the funeral of another airman. It sold for in excess of $900.

I think the part that is the bummer is that these are all just one page ripped from an album. I'd love to have seen where the rest of it went.

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Greetings Lads,

I am happy to be on this Forum. This is my first post. Has anyone read the book THE RED KNIGHT OF GERMANY by Floyd Gibbons-1927? It is an outstanding read. It has translations of all his combat reports and letters home to Mamma. It is a great book. It covers his start as an Uhlan in the east, boar hunting, learning to fly, crashes, and his stellar but brief time in the air. Check it out.


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