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    Luftwaffe Administrative Officials

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    A couple of new sets boards in for me first is a very rare pre war dark brown nebenfarbe for Pioneer, sorry the pictures are not very good, will try again with some better lighting tomorrow

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    Red nebenfarbe:

    General Administrative Service (Allgemeiner Verwaltungsdienst);

    Construction Administrative Service (bauverwaltungdienst or Bautechnischer Verwaltungsdienst);

    Agricultural Service (Landwirtschaftdienst);

    Surveying Service (Vermessungsdienst)--renamed Surveying-technical Administration Service;

    technical Machine Service (Maschinetechnischer Dienst)

    technical Electric Service (Elektrotechnischer Dienst)

    The rank of Oberfeldwebel with a low/medium career, 2 November 1940 pattern shoulder board, missing a couple of pips.

    Assistant of all branches, Techn. Assistent;



    Amtmeister, Werkmeister, Prufmeister, Maschinenmeister 1, Oberlotsenmeister:

    Beamte on Probation for the medium career.

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    They could hold a number of different positions depending on the level of the career. An officer would only start in the medium career level.

    Officials of the Medium or elevated careers who were on temporary service until their final appointment as lifetime officials were identified by the prefix "a.p." or "ap", meaning "extraordinary" (ausserplanmassig)

    Medium career:

    Sekretar of all branches:

    Techn. Sekretar, Wetterdienstsekretar,Justizsekretar, Ministerialkanzleivorstecher,Oberwerkmeister:


    Maschinenmeister 1;

    Betriebsleiter: 1;


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    Medium career:

    Obersekretar of all brances including:

    Lithograph, Kartograph;


    and Waffenmeister

    Elevated career:

    Inspektor of all branches including:


    Volksschullehrer am grossen Militarwaisenhaus in Potsdam.

    High career

    Oberapotheker 4

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