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New medalbar has me confused !

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Hi all ,

I,ve just got a new medal bar through and i,m confused ! , Is this guy Police , Army or Kampfgruppen or is it a made up bar .

The Police high achievement and Silver war brother medals are early with nice patina on them .

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"...or is it a made up bar ."

I think, that it is an arrangement, not real.

The correct ranking from the left to the right is:

2 1 4 3

NVA Verdienstmedaille

Verdienstmedaille der Kampfgruppen der Arbeiterklasse

Medaille der Waffenbr?derschaft

Medaille f?r ausgezeichnete Leistungen in den bewaffneten Organen des Ministeriums des Innern



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I am no expert on DDR awards, but from my experience these do not belong together. I think that this is a made up bar.

The Brotherhood in Arms medals were for the regular military and border guard, as far as I know.

I look forward to more input from the more experienced.

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I thought it might be a made up bar but why use nice early medals when there are plenty of late ones lying around :speechless:

Should i : 1) reassemble them in the right order and keep it as a bar

2) leave it as it is

3) split them .

Here is the back >

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Leaving the bar together does not make a lot of sense. Uwe has given you the correct order of precedence but would you ever really expect to see a bar like this in wear? I doubt it. You have some nice early medals there especially the Brotherhood in arms one. I'd be more inclined to rebuild the medal bar into something more logical. In the end though it will be your choice.



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Right i have now split them , anybody know where i can get the pin set-ups from ?

I have never seen those offered before. I think that you might be stuck without them. That really stinks. Still, you have some nice medals there.

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