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    Just in is one of the hardest variations of pilot?s badge by ?F.W Assmann? to locate.

    With solid nickel silver 3rd pattern wreath and 2nd pattern aluminium eagle, most will be found with extensive wear to the highlights. This example, however, is in excellent condition with the features of the eagle intact.

    The obverse shows that the rivets have been hammered in an attempt to tighten the eagle, a characteristic found on the majority of badges having aluminium parts.

    By no means mint?but all in all, a ?been there? piece with history.

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    With the rest of the "Assmann" PB flock.

    From left to right: All aluminium 1st pattern eagle/2nd pattern wreath - Nickel plated tombak 1st pattern eagle/2nd pattern wreath - Nickel silver 1st pattern eagle/3rd pattern wreath - (The one above) Aluminium 2nd pattern eagle/nickel silver 3rd pattern wreath - Tombak 2nd pattern eagle/nickel plated 3rd pattern wreath.

    Still hunting for that elusive "egg shaped" 1st pattern wreath. :banger:


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    J.T.W., That's quite a Flock of Eagles you have there Pal! I'd like to see a Picture of the egg shaped Pilot Badge. If I've ever seen one I didn't know it. All the best, Butch

    Hi Butch...

    Here is one I have on file..not in the collection as yet...a very hard piece to find!


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    Dear John,

    Amazing piece, as are almost all of your pieces! As a fellow Luftwaffe collector, you continue to amaze me with the rarity and condition of your pieces (not to mention your photograhic ability!)

    Gary B

    Edited by Gary B
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