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    I have finally gotten all my daggers together and thought I would share with you. Here are 32, plus I have three more that are in my displays of Heer and Luftwaffe medals and a Heer miniature.

    Starting with Police and going clockwise:

    Police - ACS

    Luft I - Emil Voos

    Navy - Unmarked and unetched

    Red Cross Off - Unmarked

    Red Cross Enl - Unmarked

    Luft II - WKC, Klaas, SMF, Unmarked (WKC), Alosco, Horster, Alosco,

    Army - Holler, Unmarked, A.W. Jr, Horster, Unmarked (glass grip), WKC, Henckels

    SA- E.P.&S, Tiger, E.P.&S, Ohliger (under discussion), Weyersburg

    NSKK - Wagner

    Gravity - Weyersburg (one with rostfrei and one without)

    SS- RZM 1317/40, RZM 1052/38, RZM 807/36

    Boot - Puma, Unmarked

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    Meissen coin collection

    Top Row: Franch 25 June 1940, England 10 May 1940

    Second Row: Paris 14 June 1940, Don't know how to translate

    Third Row: Savestopol 17 July 1942, Danzig 1 September 1939

    Fourth Row: Kreisturnfest 15 July 1934, 102 Years, Sarr

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    Luftwaffe awards and dagger

    2 Pilots - unmarked

    Ground Assault - unmarked

    Bomber Silver - F&BL

    Bomber Bronze - R.S.S - I think this is a day clasp as the bird is not painted black.

    Bomber Bronze - unmarked - bird is black

    Night Fighter 1200 - unmarked - bird is black

    Transport Silver - unmarked

    Transport Bronze - unmarked

    Flak ? GB

    Bomber with Star

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    This collection is EKs made by L/II. All awards and packages (except EKII package (received EKII in this package)) are marked L/II. The EKI envelope is very rare. I have since added a case for the EKII Spange. If anyone has an EKI Spange and case for sale please contact me.

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    My EKI and WMC collection. Unfortunately I couldn't display the cases (each one has a case, except screwbacks). The makers of each one left to right top row to bottom:

    None, None, None, L59, 20, None, L13

    L15, L58 (screwback), 15 (screwback), L52(screwback), L13

    None, 100, None, None, None, None

    The EKII is not marked and can't tell on the spange. These two were added to give balance to the collecton.

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    Thought I would share with you my porcelain and bronze figures. The first one I call a Luftwaffe Attack Eagle, it is Meissen and sculptured by Max Esser in 1930 and is titled ?Falcon bagging Pigeon?. It is 27 inches high and 14 inches wide and weighs about 44 lbs.

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    You have a very nice bronze figure there, unfortunately it seems that at some point it has been polished removing the original factory applied patina. Bronzes should never be that color, however there are products available that will take it back to a brown or black color with a little work.


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