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    Bayoswede, thats the idea yes :cheers:

    A few tips:

    - in the second row there are the C= Combat, NC = Non Combat NCB = Non Combat Black listings, you should maybe try to add two more colums giving them those names? We want a column for each medal right? One picture for C, one for NC and one for NCB (or as i prefer W = widows).

    - the picture in the "picture-column" now shows a complete backpicture, but with more medals added this would all look the same, maybe only list the makersmark thumbnail and then when you click on it the whole picture shows up?

    just a few little ideas, i like this project, it will be immense and we will need LOTS of pictures of close up maker marks on all these medals (i love it :D), ill post a few of mine later tonight too.

    on http://stirnpanzer.com/forum/index.php there is a first attempt at making a list with all makers, i copied it under here, maybe its usefull. the list is far from complete, but it's a start. (and i don't know if posting links to other sites is allowed, excuse me if not, moderator just delete it then):

    Makers Marks

    Probably not complete, so new are welcome

    Mark Firm Place

    A F. W. Assmann & S?hne L?denscheid

    A.&S. F. W. Assmann & S?hne L?denscheid

    AD. B. L. (im Kreis) Adolf Baumeister L?denscheid (No Swords)

    BCO (im Trapez) Biedermann & Co. Oberkassel

    B.H. L. unbekannt unbekannt

    CEJ C. E. Junker Berlin

    C.P. Carl Poellath Schrobenhausen

    C.Th.D Carl Theodor Hicke L?denscheid

    CW Carl Wild Hamburg

    D&C unbekannt unbekannt

    DG Gustav Danner M?hlhausen

    D.S.M. Deschler & Sohn M?nchen

    Erbe (als Script) unbekannt unbekannt

    ERK (im Sechseck) unbekannt unbekannt

    E S L (im Kreis) unbekannt unbekannt

    F&B.L. Funcke & Br?ninghaus L?denscheid

    FHB met F

    in bovenste deel H

    en B in onderste onbekend onbekend (Hinter)

    F.&Co. unbekannt unbekannt

    F.L. unbekannt unbekannt

    G (im Kreis) unbekannt unbekannt

    G Extrablatt unbekannt unbekannt

    G1, G2, G6,

    G7, G8, G9,

    G10, G11, G13,

    G14, G15, G17,

    G18, G19,

    G20, G21 unbekannt unbekannt

    G.&L. L. unbekannt unbekannt

    G. & S. Glaser & S?hne Dresden

    Gbr. D. L. (im Kreis) unbekannt unbekannt (Swords)

    GG unbekannt unbekannt

    GHO G. H. Osang Dresden

    GWL Gebr?der Wegerhoff L?denscheid

    H&C L Hymmen & Co. L?denscheid

    H&C L. (im Kreis) Hymmen & Co. L?denscheid

    HM unbekannt unbekannt

    HKM unbekannt unbekannt

    I.C.M unbekannt unbekannt

    JMME unbekannt unbekannt

    JK (im Dreieck) unbekannt unbekannt

    K (im Dreieck) unbekannt unbekannt

    KM&F unbekannt unbekannt


    (in jew. Kreis

    untereinander) unbekannt unbekannt

    L. NBG. Christian Lauer N?rnberg

    M. & W.

    STUTTGART unbekannt Stuttgart


    STUTTGART Fa. Mayer & F?rster Stuttgart

    N (im Dreieck) B&N unbekannt unbekannt

    N.&H. oder N.u.H. N?lle & H?ck GmbH L?denscheid

    O. Extrablatt Orden-Herstellergemeinschaft Pforzheim

    O.1, O.2, O.4,

    O.5 (im Kasten),

    O.6, O.8, O.10,

    O.11, O.12, O.13,

    O.14, O.15, O.16 Orden-Herstellergemeinschaft Pforzheim

    O&B unbekannt unbekannt

    O u C L (in Raute) Overhoff & Cle L?denscheid

    P unbekannt unbekannt

    P.&C. L. Paulmann & Crone L?denscheid

    PM Paul Meybauer Berlin

    PSL (im Kreis) unbekannt unbekannt

    R.V Pforzheim

    Extrablatt Reichsverband Pforzheim

    1, 2, 7, 14,

    32, 39, No 44,

    45, 50, 72,

    85 RV. Pforzheim Reichsverband Pforzheim

    RV. 9, 13, 24,

    26, 34, 37, 38,

    43, 47, 67 Pforzheim Reichsverband Pforzheim

    RV. Pforzheim 18,

    21, 29, 45 Reichsverband Pforzheim

    Sch. unbekannt unbekannt

    Sch.&H. unbekannt unbekannt

    St.&L. Steinhauer & L?ck L?denscheid

    T.H.W. unbekannt unbekannt

    T.&T. L. Twer & Turck L?denscheid

    W (im Quadrat) unbekannt unbekannt

    W&L. M. W?chtler & Lange Mittweida

    W. D D. unbekannt unbekannt

    W.K. unbekannt unbekannt (Swords)

    W.R. unbekannt unbekannt

    W.SCH.&Co. Wilhelm Schr?der & Co. L?denscheid (Hinter)

    (stil. Haus) unbekannt unbekannt

    kind regards,


    (ps: only if i may say so... some TERRIBLE google adds.... :unsure: )

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    Thanks all for so much info!

    I will try to get as much makers as possible first and than put in pics.

    Sorry for the very heave commercial site , but that is all I have for the moment. :banger:

    I feel that this is going to be a BIG job :cheeky:

    I?ll be back


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    Guest Rick Research

    Yes. I will just post documents. :rolleyes::catjava:


    Here is another good example of the "potential" with Urkunden:

    Reichsbank Employee looks like :sleep: and it was issued in the capitol of W?rttemberg, but Bielke was a demobilized Bavarian foot artillery Major on his second "mid life" career!

    Oddly enough, the Police President of Stuttgart--

    Rudolf Klaiber (born 1873) was that rarest of Third Reich higher functionaries-- a career civil servant and PROFESSIONAL police official. He had been in charge of Stuttgart's Provincial Criminal Police Directorate since 1914, served during the war as head of military police in the W?rttemberg General Staff, and returned from the war to take over as Director of the W?rttemberg Landeskriminalpolizei Amt.

    He had also been serving as Polizei Pr?sident of Stuttgart since 1923!

    Now there is no "autograph value" to any of this-- but the social and political backgrounds to be revealed (when legible :rolleyes: ) from Hindenburg Cross documents are fascinating!

    Note that Bielke initialled down at the bottom right "handed out 13.03.35" implying some sort of festive ceremony for the presentation-- perhaps in a batch with other Bank employees?

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    Please feel free to use anything you want, that's why i posted these here in the first place, it's about time these medals finally get investigated a bit better!

    Over the next few days/weeks i'll try to post more pictures in this section ;-)

    kind regards,


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    After looking at the site again:

    Great stuff! and im most surprised you found the makers for KM&F en W.

    Last night i googled a bit and couldn't find them, very cool you have found them.

    Also i noticed a few pictures of makers marks only and no full shots, i guess it would be easy to pick most marks just from the internet, but im not sure what to think of that? I could give you a site with a few dozens for sale, a lot of makers are to be found there.

    Personnally i like the idea of a project here with all new original pictures a bit more ;-)



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