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    • 2 weeks later...

    Hallo Gaston !


    And I have problems finding a place to store my ordinary medals.... and they are small :cheeky:

    Where do you find theese gigantic Honorcrosses?

    Super items!

    Anyone have more pics of makers for the honor cross, There was a maker with a small house? as mark has anybode a pic of this? I have now about 85 pics on my site but more is welcome :cheers:



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    • 4 weeks later...

    Unusual Award-paper for Honor Cross :speechless1::speechless1:

    What is so strange about this paper? Well its issued by the German Consulate in Apenrade ,Hmm to a Karl Hellweg in Sonderburg

    and he is to get an Honor cross for fighters , and hes military duty is shown in his "milit?rpass" so whats unusual about that?

    :rolleyes: Sonderburg ! That?s in Denmark !! But in 1914-1918 Sonderburg belonged to Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) but after a

    public vote in 1920 it was decided that it would belong to Denmark.

    So this guy lived in Gemany 1918 and in Denmark 1935 but still got the Honorcross.

    Interesting, its the only paper to a Danish ( well, ex german) I seen


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    • 1 month later...

    Thanks for all help, but I still need a lot of Pictures

    Does anyone have good pics of the following maker BCO , GD , C. Th. D. , FHB , O & B and a lot more ;)

    I try to get better pics and load up some more documents

    All the best from sweden


    Here is my O & B marked version

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    • 2 months later...
    Guest Rick Research

    Someone with more money than brains, unfortunately. Not us here. We have more brains than money! :cheeky:

    Here is a newspaper clipping from 18 October 1934-- just this, so I don't know what paper it came from. A local friend brought this over a while back when all his treasures got scanned. I thought it would be interesting to share--

    It is rather cranky about people thinking they could have the Hindenburg Cross with swords just for having been in a unit that was in combat--when they were not. It states that they are required to PROVE from their military papers or other confirmation that they temselves were in action, and not simply a meber of a unit that was.

    This may explain many of those combatant Iron Cross/"noncombatant" Hindenburg Cross medal bars we see-- as "4th Boonzaier Scenario" Iron Cross awards to war zone folks near but not in the frontlines.(All we need is a documented GROUP with complete award documents and military papers confirming that 4th type of Iron Cross awards....

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    :jumping: :jumping:

    Fantastic Rick !

    1500 $ for that :speechless1: I thought I have seen all......

    But I wonder, did the F?hrer himself get an award cert? Or did he just get the medal without any paperwork :unsure:

    Have a nice weekend all


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    How about the irony of Ludendorff and Hindenburg being both in command in wwI and then Ludendorff getting a Hindenburg award later? I'd not be too hapy with that if i were him? :P

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    From what I understand the criteria for these awards,

    required the soldier / veteran to apply for his medal from 1934 onwards,

    furnishing the relevant documentation of service, etc..etc..

    Can we expect that:

    Kaiser Bill (Non-Combatant?)



    or even Hitler, even bothered to apply :speechless:

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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    Guest Rick Research

    The Kaiser couldn't have-- he was in exile and "nonexistent" as a person. Hindenburg was conveniently dead. Hitler NEVER wore his ribbons so as you say, what would have been the point?

    Ludendorff was off sulking, having fallen out with the Nazis, and even though he didn't die until 1937, I don't think I've ever seen him wearing his medal bar after the Beer Hall Putsch trial.

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    Hi all,

    Dond I haven?t seen any of the markings you mentioned ecept for the L/ , a L/15 made of bronce and a L/11 miniature.

    AS in a triangle , JFS , MuK is unknown to me as HK makers :unsure:

    Are you sure they have made Honor crosses?

    And Ulsterman, Yes the magnet is the first thing I test :cheeky: , but sorry to say so far all have been iron ones :banger:

    Well, there are some more millions out there so I keep on looking...


    Edited by christerd
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