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    another non combat single mounted medal:

    a very nice makers mark:

    Erbe is maker ???? (im thinking it's possibly M7/69 H. A. Erbe AG from Schmalkalden????? this one needs confirmation?)



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    Hi all!

    Just want to say that I now have 176 different maker markings on my site , and about 40 pics of them

    Some Makers are marked with ? after the name and theese I haven?t gor confirmation that they are the right one.

    Anyone who have pics or info about Honorcross makers is welcome to share the info, I appriciate all help



    adress: http://bayoswede.zoomin.se/index/29788.html

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    Guest Rick Research

    :Cat-Scratch:176 !!! :cheers:

    A FIRST! Upper left charges RM .60 for a second copy (!!!) of this award document for a Hindenburg Cross for Frontfighters

    made out to Glass maker Heinrich Becker in Goslar in Goslar on 11 February 1936 (!) and signed with a SPECTACULARLY unreadable scribbled autograph of the Lord Mayor (Oberb?rgermeister) of Goslar.

    That being an important military garrison town, I expect whoever the Lord Mayor was at this time was probably a Nazi Bigwig of some political status.

    Nice city stamp.

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    Thanks for all help, but I still need a lot of Pictures

    Does anyone have good pics of the following maker BCO , GD , C. Th. D. , FHB , O & B and a lot more ;)

    I try to get better pics and load up some more documents

    All the best from sweden


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