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    Hello Gentleman,

    some of you have really big experience in collecting

    U-Boat parts.

    Here are some pictures of cap emblems.

    I think it could be U-Boat crew emblems.

    Please tell me your opinion

    Polarbear Which crew wears this item ?

    Axe May be crew U-1004 ?

    Foxhead Which crew wears this item ? U-647 ?

    Antlers Could be U-748 ?

    Back side of Axe:

    Mark: H(A?) Schmidt, L?denscheid

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    Hello Sto,

    here are an better photo of the u-boat cap emblem of Leutnant zur See Lange, U 178 and U 516.

    u-boat officer Leutnant zur See Lange U 178

    Best Regards,


    Hello Monsun, Beatiful emblem you got.

    They are knew for me, but I like them a lot. Please could you tell me how to find one of them (especially the one you showed)?

    More or less how much is the cost of these emblems?

    I was looking in Weitze and Devlet but I could not find any of them. I am not sure if I search in the correct places in those sites, but I did not see any u boot emblems there.



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