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I am looking for a list of people who went with the Kaiser to Jerusalem in 1898 and would have received the Jerusalem Kreuz. If anyone has a list and can tell me that would be great. Also if anyone on the list had the China and Kolonial medal for cambattants I would like to know. Thanks.

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Indeed it is the embroidery for the officers of the Grenadier Regiment Nr. 2 Heir to the tradition of the old Infantry Regiment No. 8 "Ruits"

Oberstallmeister Ernst August Graf von Wedel

Char. Konteradmiral Ferdinand von Grumme-Douglas with the Jerusalem Cross (4th on the medal bar).

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Digging up an old thread, but the four ships and the commanders were:

- SM Yacht Hohenzollern (Adm. Frhr. Von Bodenhausen)

- SMS Hela (Korv-Kpt. Sommerwerck)

- SMS Hertha (Korv.-Kpt. von Usedom)

- SMS Loreley (Korv.-Kpt. von Witzleben)

I'd be grateful if someone has more info regarding these persons and their awards, especially if they held the Jersusalem cross. Otherwise, and unfortunately, I can't be of any more assistance...


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Hi Paul,

ask please Bernd D. or Komtur, greetings from me ;o), they have the list from the book by Mirbach with 188 People on the Palestine trip of the emperor.

Greetings Mike

Yes, I have that roll - but I believe I was sending it to Paul C a few month ago :unsure: If not, please let me know!

Best regards, Komtur.

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Did everyone receive a Jerusalem cross when they were invited for this journey? Including females?

Or was the cross only awarded to military personnel?


Unfortunately, we do not know that in detail. In a book, published short after the journey by Freiherr von Mirbach (Oberhofmeister of the Empress) it is written: Back in the camp the Kaiser goes into the tents and handed over personally to everyone of his escort the Jerusalem-Kreuz endowed by himself. From the same book is the roll of persons belonging to this escort. There you find lots of women. It is not clear, if really everyone of this roll got this cross. Additionally we do not know, if other persons, not listed in that roll, got the cross too.

I add a picture of the cross from Mirbachs book:

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I have read somewere that also women received the Cross. It it also according the rules.

About the Mirbach list:

I do not think that everybody on it got the cross. In my opinion only those persons got it who were officially invited to the journey.

On the other hand lots of navy personal on the ships got the cross but are not listed.

There are quite a few medalbars around with the cross worn by former sailors. They are very hard to research. Some time ago Heiko sold a nice medalbar but it is impossible to find out to whom it belonged.

By now I did not find anything about the cross in the archiv.

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............... it belonged to Oberbootsmann von M?hldorfer , S.M.S. HOHENZOLLERN.

But you will not find the Jerusalemkreuz behind his name in the Ranglist, the Jerusalemkreuz is not mentioned. What a pitty!



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In that case I?m afraid the DOA is not a great help:

Bernhard F?rst von B?low is on the Mirbach roll and got the cross. He is also in the DOA 1908/9, but the Jerusalemkreuz is not listed there.

BTW Bernd, could we see the whole person :rolleyes:

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Just a guess.

Crew lists:

- SM Yacht Hohenzollern 307

- SMS Hela 169

- SMS Hertha 478

- SMS Loreley 50

Total 1004


Mirbach (- navy) 141

Is a total of 1.145 possible recipients.

And a lot more of special makings.

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A Major von Morgen (later General) is on the Mirbach roll and got the cross. There is a Oberstleutnant von Morgen (and I think it?s him) in the DOA 1908/9, but a Jerusalemkreuz is not listed there.

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Generalleutnant Hans von Plessen (later Generaloberst) is on Mirbachs roll, got the cross and if you think his Jerusalemkreuz is listed in the DOA 1908/9 , you are wrong.

Well, we all know that the DOA is incomplete and not an official document.

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It is Kurt von Morgen.


:cool: As we used to say in our little country: Even a blind chicken sometimes find a corn :rolleyes:

No, I posted Morgen just by chance. But we know now, that the von Morgen in the DOA 1908/9 is the same, because it is Curt!

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Can someone have a look in the Geile roll of rare decorations, listed in the DOA 1908/9, if this person is one of the 5 owners of the Jerusalemkreuz mentioned there?

Edited by Komtur
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Back to Curt von Morgen. As we have now to pictures of him with the Jerusalemkreuz and one with this cross on the bar, the other with the cross as a single decoration, it is quite clear, that only one can be the original cross handed out by the Kaiser. The other must be a privat made item.

So not everything looking exactly like the cross here must be a fake!

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