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    Stromm(e) ... in NKVD Aviation

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    I mentioned at Post #7 here that I had come across a photo of a young tsarist officer (or cadet) whose name, Karl Stromm, is very close to mine, Charles Stromme. I forgot to follow up with a post that included the photo. It's just one of many things that I overlook doing when I commit to them from overseas. Then this last trip the family came up with a few other things for me. They're are pretty interesting, at least to me, and I'll share them here.

    First, here is the 1907 photo of Karl Stromm:

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    His son was Yuri Strom, who seems to have dropped an M from his last name. He is said to be the round-faced guy in the center, facing left, hands clasped. Nothing on the back of the photo. This is said to be his NKVD aviation unit.

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    Congratulations on your newly acquired group, chuck.

    Your collection of badges never ceases to amaze me :jumping:


    * * * * *

    Thank you, Jan and Ed. I'm glad you enjoy seeing them. I'm getting enough of them that I'm going to have to sell those that are not in a theme of particular interest to me, just to support my own collecting habits. One of these days. Not today.

    I'll be posting a few more in the near future. Stay tuned.


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