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    Does anyone know anything about the name below? I think it says Clauß.

    Did he really exist or is he a made up Generalmajor?

    I've had a look in my Ehrenrangliste but couldn't find him, this doesn't mean he isn't there though.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.





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    Hi Tony,

    Generalmajor Eugen Ritter von Clauß, 25 Oct 1862-23 Feb 1942. He is on page 775 of the Ehrenrangliste as commander of the 6th Bavarian Infantry Brigade in 1914.

    I was in your part of the World today. Visited Bielefeld to check out the Landesgeschichtliche Bibliothek.



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    Hi Christophe,

    That is an incredible group... how many years ago had Clauss' group on sale on his catalogue? It must have been not so long ago... strange I missed it! I always follow HH catalogues...

    Wonderful set! Did you get something from this group?



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    as an Imperial medal bar newbie...

    deruelle, would you be so kind as to

    identify the medal bar awards?

    my guess:

    PEK/bavarian?/black eagle order/PKO/Zahringen Lowe/?/bavarian?/?/bavarian?

    all of them are in magnificent condition.

    this would be a certerpiece for any collection!



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    Deruelle said:
    The medal bar contains :

    EK2, BMJ3, BMVO3a, PKO3, BZ3a, J, DA24, ?, DA40.

    If someone has an answer concerning the 8th award, I iwll be happy. Thanks per advance.


    Christophe, some newbies won't necessarily know our little acronyms. style_emoticons/

    Also, there are ten medals (the FKE is obscured):

    Prussia, Iron Cross, 2nd Class

    Bavaria, Military Order of Maximilian Joseph, Knight's Cross

    Germany, Honor Cross for Combatants

    Bavaria, Order of Military Merit , Cross 3rd Class wth Crown

    Prussia, Order of the Crown, 3rd Class

    Baden, Order of the Zähringen Lion, Knight 1st Class

    Bavaria, Jubilee Medal for the Bavarian Army

    Bavaria, Service Decoration Cross 2nd Class for 24 Years' Service

    Bavaria, Golden Wedding Jubilee Medal 1918

    Bavaria, Service Decoration Cross 1st Class for 40 Years' Service

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    • Dave Danner changed the title to Generalmajor Clauß

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