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    Guest Rick Research

    Mine hasn't fit into one frame in 35 years! I used to have FOUR boxes full of them... am now back "up" to 2 1/2, with revival since coming online in 2001. MOST of the WW2s are gone, so what is left are the ones with WW1 awards.

    Mostly these get shown by "theme" such as

    "Hohenzollern House Order recipients known"


    "Hohenzollern House Order recipients unknown"


    or "NSDAP long services"


    or "with Westwall Medal" or whatever comes up as a subject

    My main passion is identifiable bars, or barring that. sets to the same recipient like these two:


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    Guest Rick Research

    I assure you, Generals and Admirals are PURELY coincidental to being able to TRACK them down by Rank Lists!

    Though it IS nice when I can get several sets to one of THEM, too! German Cross in Gold winner Vizeadmiral zS Joachim Lietzmann (1894-1959)


    Generalmajor Johannes Hahn (1889-1970)


    Generalmajor zV Hugo Kiehl (1884-1944)


    Generalstabsarzt Prof Dr med et phil Ernst Koschel (1878-1961)


    Sometimes they're not even perfect-- whether Knight's Cross with Oakleaves and Swords and German Cross in Gold winner General der Infanterie Hans von Obstfelder (1886-1976) had his swastika'd devices removed as a POW or twisted off by some flea market twit, I dunno


    Generalleutnant Erwin von R?mer (1885-1948)


    Vizeadmiral zS Karl Topp (1895-1981) commander of the "Tirpitz" 1941-43


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    Guest Rick Research

    But I collect pretty devices too




    So beeeeewaaaaaaaare! It's a bottomless pit! (Imperial is much, much "worse" speechless1.gif )

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    I definately need more!!!!! My God, Rick! I would be happy with one ID'ed bar!(for the time being) LOL

    Those IDed bars... Did you discover who they belonged to or were they known pieces when you bought them?

    Thank you for sharing them!!!


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    Guest Rick Research

    Nope, all anonymous until I found them.

    Even ("Taaaaammy! Taaaaaaammy! Tammmmmmmy's in love!" theme song playing quietly in background. If you have to ask, you are Too Young. tongue.gif ) these Georgian Tamara bars turned out to be definitively identifiable SOLELY because-- of all things-- of the ADDITION of one and then a second plain blue long service ribbon.


    and this guy was only a Reichs Labor Service Lieutenant Colonel...

    it just comes down to being ABLE to track Imperial officers easier than any other variety.

    There is, BTW, a FOURTH ribbon bar Out There to this officer:


    and now I am hearing the theme song from the Daniel Day Lewis version of "The Last Of The Mohicans."

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    While I am happy with what I have, I am kinda bummed that there is no way to trace any of them... How do you come across such great bars? PPPPLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE dont tell me that you find them at yard sales for a dollar!

    Best regards


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    Guest Rick Research

    Wellll, I remember when they averaged $1.50 per ribbon! ninja.gifcheeky.gif

    But THOSE days are gone! Most of my admirals and generals were acquired in the 1980s... Golden Age, that was. The Germans were THROWING this stuff away then... dumb Americans want it, good! Better than paying the trash man to dump it! speechless1.gif

    THOSE days are... almost gone.

    Now if it is very very good, it is going to cost.

    But this pair DID come from Lowell this past January (from my 30 years back former high school French teacher-- so you kiddos be nice, because You Never Know!). THOUGHT I had him ID'd but nope. blush.gif


    Still was happy to get a good deal (I was such a good kid tongue.gif ) ... and remain hopeful of an eventual ID.

    PS See what I mean about Imperial versus Third Reich? Two WW2 ribbon bars to the same guy and only ONE ribbon on one bar is WW2! rolleyes.gif

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