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The only portrait I got today on a local fleamarket ist that one:


First I thought it is Reichswehr, but when at home and looking closer to the uniform, I recognized that it is a Navy uniform.

He wears props on his shoulder-boards..



.. and the bavarian pilots badge..



The photo is dated 1916


When researching a bit about 1st WW Navy Pilots, I found out that there were Navy Pilot badges too, but this one is a regular bavarian Pilot's badge.

He is an NCO, I always thought that 1st WW pilots were officers, not as in WW 2, when many pilots were EMs and NCOs.

I think it is an interesting photo and maybe some people can add some more information on this one.

BTW - it was a 1 Euro buy. :rolleyes:

Kind regards


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I'm not anywhere near being an expert, so there are many others more qualified than I to speak on the matter, but I do not agree with you that he is Navy. If he was Navy his hat would only have the Reichskokarde, the Navy did not wear a state kokarde. He is an Offizierstellvertreter.

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This is a stardard (Bavarian) pilot's badge as you have discovered. The man is an Offizierstellvertreter. There were NCO pilots in WWI with ranks as low as Unteroffizier.

By the way, I would be happy to triple your purchase price for this photo! :rolleyes:


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Yes, I see.

I was misleaded by the shape of the shoulder-boards, which look like they are pointed.

But You are both right of course, he's just a regular bavarian pilot.



Vary nice picture of an bavarian NCO with pilot badge, EK 1, EK 2, and bav. MVK.

congratulation. :D

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Congratulation, that's a really nice photo. I like it a lot. :cheers: Conserning the navy pilot's badge. Have you seen my miniature of the Marine See flieger abzeichen that I have posted in this forum? I don't know how to make a link to my post, but it's called "Flieger abzeichen miniature".


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Wishful thinking on my part!

I see it and I wonder why an NCO would have a Bavarian Pilot badge but a Prussian tunic. WHY? Is it possible for a Bavarian to wear a Prussian tunic or a Prussian to wear a Bavarian Pilot badge?

What does he Kokarde look to represent on his visor cap?

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Cockade looks Bavarian to me-- but the clincher is the way he is wearing his ribbons.

Despite his tunic buttons, he is wearing the Bavarian MMC ribbon in pride of place....

He's a Bavarian.

Why the Prussian buttons? I just don't understand. The 1916 Bavarian tunic was to use the Prussian style button as on the 1915 tunic but I've never seen a 07/10 tunic for a Bavarian using Prussian buttons.

I agree, Bavarian ribbon over the Prussian plus the Bavarian Pilots Badge makes one conclude he was a Bavarian.

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