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You KNOW That The God Of Collecting Loves YOU (Personally) When...

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first you find a 1st type, custom modernized Prussian Frauenverdienstkreuz and THEN you find this:

Yes folks. It is an all but mythical Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Ehrenkreuz 2nd Class X from 1914-18. :speechless1:

When its owner comes by for Magic Epsonization, shall make mucho BIG scans. Try finding one.


Anyone who's SEEN one offered for sale recently-- what was the asking price? Big Old " * " (= Don't Bother Asking, We Haven't Seen One Either) in the Official Price Guide 2005/2006.

Luckily, all grades of the Schwarzburg House Order and affiliated Medals came on the same ribbon.

Because I have inherited :cheers: from my fellow packrat the late Tony Colson, a choice of TWO old tailor's shop ribbons for this sad, lonely orphan, shivering without one, all alone in the wide world:

Please vote:

1) would "SEK2X" would look better displayed on a medal bar ribbon saved by Thrifty Third Reich tailor?


2) slide on unissued out of the case ribbon?

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You mean like the one pulled off a medal bar? THAT would be a naughty thing to do with a Minty Flatty! Besides, the presentation ribbon is wider-- wouldn't be used on a medal bar (wasteful of them to have done that).

There will be a Live Investiture of the selection at our monthly show 1 June.

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Ahhh. :cheers: I can't tell the almost Arabic squiggle from the reflection. The Official Price Guide is also reflections and obscurities. (On the other hand, the OPG also seems to indicate that the Rudolstadt version never changed from Really Really Gold to silver-gilt, so.... :rolleyes: )

Will have to see what the Magic Epson can do when it comes by for a visit.

Meanwhile, what about the ribbon selection election, folks?

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Hello again Rick:

I believe that the Rudolstadt pieces are probably a bit more scarce than the Sondershausen pieces. So, the God of collecting really really likes you!!

The "Official Price Guide" is sometimes lacking in information, so I wouldn't necessarily discount a piece that doesn't conform exactly to what is "supposed" to exist.

I believe that three (3) possibilities COULD exist for genuine badges: gold w/ gold swords (early war), gold w/silver-gilt swords (pre-war badge converted during the war), and silver-gilt w/silver-gilt swords (a post-1916 badge).

Are there any Schwarzburg specialists out there?


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Not mine. Don't I wish!!! He upon whom the God Of Collecting smileth, that be not moi, but my very lucky friend.

That's puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure unused sillllllllllky :love: on the left, and hacked out of a medal bar on the right. The thrifty German tailor Tony acquired his remnants from used the parts from his re-mounted updated 1930s-40s bars to slice up :speechless1: into strips for the "guts" of new bars. Recycling... but also means most are no longer complete like that drape is.

I kind of like the medal bar one too. Even as a solo, at least it makes a "nest" for the Cross, framing it.

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