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    Great image but a bit of a surprise how scruffy the section leader is! Cap pushed back, hands in pocket, fag in hand, tunic undone - cricket he could almost be an American! :>)


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    Odulf great images......and they are all properly dressed!

    Yep, they are non in underwear, but these are all arranged pictures; not in combat.

    It is nice that shoulderboards are shown, indicating that all Infantry Regiments had MG-Units.

    I am more interested in the orgnisational structures, and not in the mechanical differences of the MG in practice.

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    Here a couple more from my Collection


    A nice Shield


    On in a trench


    My favorite one - i love the Grabendolch

    The man on the Picture is Schütze J. Römermann. He were awartet the EK2 and the black wound badge. He also has the MG Badge.

    I nearly has everything from him - just the "Kriegsehrenkreuz der Kriegsfreiwilligen 1914-1918" is missing.


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    21 minutes ago, Hoss said:

    Whats that behind the gunners right shoulder in the trench photo if you don't mind me asking?


    Ah zes ze Mk II ersatz coffee filter! 

    poor attempt at a joke Eric. 

    Strange isn't it? Trench pump, smoke discharger, gas???? Maybe the originator knows.. Good spot!


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