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China and SW Africa bar with case

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One of my new purchases while I was in Germany. The case solidly built and has an exact cut out for the 6 medal bar. The medals are 1914 EK2, LSC 12 years, SW Africa Medal, China Medal, Kaiser Centennial, and FAM. The last medal confuses me as I am not sure of the ribbon. Any thought?

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Must have been a Depot Feldwebel or some such-- I don't think I have EVER seen a double "stay at home" colonial pair to an NCO level recipient. The peacetime (1905+) Saxon FAM in silver is unusual to a Prussian NCO as well-- perhaps indicating he was in a regiment whose "Chef" was the King of Saxony?-- 2nd Guard Uhlans, 16th Uhlans, or maybe (though other royals also ? la Suite) Ist Sea Battalion.

He had left the service before the war before getting an XV Cross, so this XII is "self-awarded" because there WAS no XII before 1913. Probably a Feldwebelleutnant called back for the war--

an exceptionally nice bar, kept and cared for the way ALL full dress bars should have been! :love:

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