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    Hi Guys !

    Long since I had any new LW Badges to show You .

    But here is Juncker that just has arrived .

    Am I correct assuming that this is a J1 ?

    Jan Arne


    Jan Arne

    I`m so jealous! Congrats and thanks for showing. :jumping: :jumping: :jumping:

    All the best :cheers:


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    Hi Jan Arne

    Is that a crater?

    From the images, it could look like a repair. A drilled hole all the way through to hold the catch in place and filled with tin.

    Can you tell if you look through a magnifying glass?



    Edited by Karsten S
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    I have to side with Karsten on this Jan - it does LOOK like a repair. No matter really, it was a superbly done job by whomever took on the task - a great piece nonetheless! :cheers:


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    In fact I'd say the catch has been repaired a couple of times.

    The first (field) repair having a hole drilled through the wreath to house what I suspect to have been a "?" style catch....The second "C" style catch replacement being expertly done by the likes of a jeweller.

    Repairs aside? A very nice example. :love:

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