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    Deutscher Ordens Almanac 1908/09

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    I recently acquired this fantastic book. As you may know it lists the orders of people who paid a fee to be listed. The DOA is a very difficult book to find and can sell for over 500 euros. I am considering putting this book on CD like I have done with the WW1 ranglistes. My question is, would you you pay 80 euros/100 dollars for this book on CD. If enough member say they would I will do it. Please give me any feedback that you would like to help me make a decision.

    Edited by Paul Chepurko
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    Guest kaiserzeit

    Hi Paul,

    Your CD sounds great! What format will you be burning it in?

    Are you still burning copies of your Rangliste CD?

    Kind regards,

    Laurie Thomson

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    The book will be in Adobe PDF format. Since the book is near 2000 page it will not be in one PDF file. I will have to split it up into 4 or so files. Since the book lists people by last name this is not a problem.

    I have many copies of my rangliste on cd for researching WWI German offices. Please PM if you want one. The price is $75. and includes paypla fees and US shipping. Shipping elsewhere is $2.

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