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Master Bo's Collection.

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Hello Master Bo! :cheers:

Really nice collection! :jumping:

I discovered some "strange" extras on the picture nr. 10..... how do you like the "Viru Valge" ???? :beer::cheeky: It's my favorite brand! :cheeky:

Actually, i dont know what it is, as i used a picture sent to me by a former owner of the uniform.

And thanks to all for complementing my modest efforts in collecting WW2 stuff...

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Naoki, Ohaio goza imasu, thank you very much for your kind words and nice to meet you. DKiS is marked 1. Your collection is very impressive as well, specially the Spanish Crosses and RKEK, i have seen them in your other topics. Not that long ago i have started to pick up Soviet awards, as you can see the complite set of the Hero of Socialist Labor, Gold Star + Order Of Lenin, plus the complite documentation for them. Recently equired two groupings: 1) is 3 orders of The Red Banner for the same person, which is extrimly rare and another Opder of Alexandr Nevskiy + Order of Great Patriotic War, 1-st and 2-nd class, 2-nd class originally was on quadro suspention, which is rare as well + Order of The Red Banner. So, the pictures will come soon.

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