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    Medal bar of Konteradmiral Fricke

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    Dear forumites,

    To tell the truth I am bit bored that's why I am posting a medal bar that I believe it wasn't yet showed on this forum... The title is incorrect; I tiped it to fast... Fricke never made to Vizeadmiral but just Konteradmiral.

    Konteradmirals Otto Fricke

    (*29.05.1894 - ? 26.11.1966)

    ? Preussen, Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse, 1914 (OEK 1909)

    ? Bremen, Hanseatenkreuz, 1915-1918 (OEK 651), ca. 20'000 Verleihungen

    ? Deutsches Reich 1933-45, Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer (OEK 3803), Hersteller G & S , J. Godet & Sohn, Berlin

    ? Deutsches Reich 1933-45, WH-Dienstauszeichnung f?r 25 Jahre, Kreuz (OEK 3852)

    ? Deutsches Reich 1933-45, WH-Dienstauszeichnung f?r 12 Jahre, Medaille (OEK 3854)

    ? Chile, Verdienstorden der Republik, silbernes Inhaberkreuz

    Konteradmiral Otto Fricke

    (*29.05.1894 in Wennigsen, Hannover - ? 26.11.1966 in Heidelberg)


    03.04.1914: F?hnrich zur See

    18.09.1915: Leutnant z. See

    07.01.1920: Oberleutnant z. See

    01.05.1925: Kapit?nleutnant

    01.04.1933: Korvettenkapit?n

    01.01.1937: Fregattenkapit?n

    01.10.1938: Kapit?n z. See

    01.09.1942: Konteradmiral


    Entered the Navy as a Seekadett and attended Basic Training and on board the Heavy Cruiser ?Hansa? (01.04.1913-31.03.1914)

    Attended Naval School in M?rwik (01.04.1914-31.07.1915).

    On board the Light Cruiser ?Stuttgart? (01.08.1914-30.01.1915)

    On board the Light Cruiser ?Graudenz? ( 31.01.1915-22.11.1915)

    On board the Liner ?Helgoland? (23.11.1915-22.05.1917)

    Commandant of the Minesweeper ?M 38?, 4th Minesweeper-Flotilla (27.05.1917-15.09.1919)

    Watch-Officer, Flag-Lieutenant and Commandant with the 5th North-Seas-Minesweeper-Flotilla (16.09.1919-20.1919)

    Watch-Officer on the Cruiser ?K?nigsberg? (21.10.1919-31.05.1920)

    Platoon-Officer, Coastal-Defense-Regiment Wilhelmshaven (01.06.1920-25.10.1920)

    Company-Officer and Company-Leader, Coastal-Defence-Battalion II; at the same time, detached to the J?ger-Battalion of the 15th Infantry-Regiment (26.10.1920-03.04.1923)

    Adjutant and Group-Officer, Naval School M?rwick (04.04.1923-22.09.1924)

    Company-Leader, Ship?s-Cadre-Division of the Baltic Sea (23.09.1924-30.03.1925)

    Watch-Officer on the Cruiser ?Berlin? (31.03.1925-25.09.1927)

    Company-Leader, 3rd Naval-Artillery-Battalion (26.09.1927-02.10.1929)

    Watch-Officer on the Liner ?Hessen? (03.10.1929-24.09.1930)

    2nd Artillery-Officer on the Liner ?Hessen? (25.09.1930-25.09.1932)

    Artillery-Officer on the Cruiser ?K?nigsberg? (26.09.1932-26.09.1934)

    Instructor and Staff-Officer with the Staff of the Ship-Artillery-School (28.09.1934-30.09.1937)

    Chief of Staff of the Inspection of Naval-Artillery; at the same time, with the Sudeten-District Commander of the 11th Naval-Artillery-Regiment at the West Wall (01.10.1937-30.04.1940)

    At the same time, Acting-Inspector of the Naval-Artillery (07.07.1938-06.08.1938)

    Port-Commandant Stavanger, Norway (01.05.1940-18.07.1940)

    Chief of Staff of the Naval-Commander Channel Coast (19.07.1940-17.04.1942)

    Chief of Staff of the Commanding Admiral France (18.04.1942-15.11.1942)

    Senior-Quartermaster in the Staff of Naval-Group-Command West (16.11.1942-31.03.1943)

    Inspector of Naval-Artillery (01.04.1943-22.07.1945)

    In Captivity (22.07.1945-19.04.1947)

    Released (19.04.1947)

    Edited by Claudio
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    Extrait from feldgrau.com:

    High Command of the Kriegsmarine in France (Kommandierender Admiral Frankreich):

    The high command of the Kriegsmarine in France was originally called Oberbefehslhaber des Admirals West, between 27 May 1940 and 21 June 1940, then Oberbefehslhaber des Admirals Frankreich as of 22 June 1940. This staff, situated in Paris, was principally in charge of personnel administration and troop supply. The first commander was Admiral Karl-Georg Schuster, 27 May 1940 - 1 March 1941. With his Chief of Staff, Konteradmiral Joachim Lietzmann, and Generalmajor Franz Habicht (Chief of Fortress Engineer Staff), who was in charge of the first concrete constructions for the Kriegsmarine, Admiral Schuster inspected the coasts of France and set up a program for future defensive positions along the coast, future submarine bases, and inventoried the former coastal sites of the French Navy to see what was useable or not. He visited Brest, Lorient, Saint-Nazaire, the Ile de Re, La Pallice, Rochefort, Royan, Soulac and Saint-Jean-de-Luz. In March 1941, Admiral Schuster was replaced by Admiral Otto Schultze (2 March 1941 - 16 August 1942) with a new Chief of Staff, as of 18 April 1942, Konteradmiral Otto Fricke. Admiral Schultze continued the mission of his predecessor with the same zeal before being replaced on 16 August 1942 by Admiral Wilhelm Marschall. He was the last to hold the title of Oberbefehslhaber des Admirals Frankreich, since on 21 September 1942 his position was renamed Commander-in-Chief of Naval Group West.

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