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    So the day arrived and presents were opened on a cold, crisp Christmas morning. I was handed a rather strangely shaped parcel. The shape and weight gave me no indication of what was inside. As I opened it I couldn?t believe what it contained; Some months ago I had seen the item on a dealer site, a couple of weeks later I revisited the site to find that it had been sold? Should have acted a little quicker, thought I and forgot about it.

    Much to my delight, there it was!

    And here it is.

    From the estate of RK winner, Legion Condor, Battle of Britain and Eastern Front veteran, Hauptmann Rudolf Henne is this ?Art Deco? bronze statue of a Condor standing on its marble base, given to Henne as a commemorative piece for his time in the Legion Condor.

    It now stands proudly on my dining room table.

    Many thanks, Rachel!

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    Rudolf Henne.

    Not much information on this officer other than:

    Born: 08.12.1913 M?nchen

    Died: 13.04.1962

    Legion Condor:

    Spanish Cross in Gold with Swords

    Spanish Pilots badge

    La Cruz de Guerra


    Staffelkapit?n 9./ Kampfgeschwader 51 ?Edelwei?

    March 13th, 1938 Commemorative medal

    October 1, 1938 Commemorative medal (with Prague Castle bar)

    Rumanian medal for the fight against communism


    Operational flight clasps (bronze, Silver, Gold)

    Honor goblet 17.11.41 as pilot (Oblt.)

    DKiG ? 9-4-42

    RK - 12-4-42

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    Guest Rick Research

    :Cat-Scratch: Mrs T-W is to be commended on finding someplace to successfully HIDE that in the interim! :catjava:

    Lovely piece! :cheers:

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    • 1 month later...

    Sorry for the delay in replying to questions, but the supplier was away and has just answered my e-mail.

    So... This item and certain others belonging to Hauptmann Rudolf Henne were sold (I take it, by the family) as part of a recent house clearance.

    In answer to a PM..."How big is it ?" The piece stands 22" tall.

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