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Lieutenant Boris Ivanovich Shchukin

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very nice award Ed. The IL2 is my favorite soviet aircraft of the war by far. Great find.



Congratulations...It?s a very special award?s citation...I?ve never see one to a pilot of a Ground attack plane (Nor of other aircrafts, by the way...) :jumping:


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1. Last Name, name and patronymic Shchukin Boris Ivanovich

2. Rank Junior Lieutenant

3. Position, unit Senior Pilot, 766th ?Assault? Red Banner Aviation Regiment

Is recommended for the Order of the ?PATRIOTIC WAR? First Class

4. Year of birth 1922

5. Nationality Russian

6. Party membership Candidate Member of the BKP(b) (All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks)) since 1944.

7. Participation in the civil war and other military actions aimed at the defense of the USSR (where and when) Participant of the Patriotic War since 11.9.44

8. Wounds or contusions received during the Patriotic War Doesn?t have

9. In the Red Army since Since 1941

10. Drafted by what district military commissariat Rzhevsk District Military Commissariat, Kalinin Region

11. Previous awards Order of the ?Red Banner? in 1945

12. Permanent home address (of the prospective awardee or his/her family) Kalinin Region, Rzhevsk District, Village Red?kino

I. Brief description of personal feat or merits

From 20.2 till 24.3.45 he completed 15 successful combat missions, and for this by the order of the 3rd Air Army № 0175 of 5.4.1945 he was awarded the order of the ?Red Banner?.

From 25.3 till 25.4.45 he completed another 22 successful combat missions of ground attack and bombing of enemy troops and machines in the regions: Medenau, Germau, Fishkhauzen, Pillau.

Comrade Shchukin is mastering his combat skills and his ?Assault? strikes cause the enemy great losses. During combat missions he flies with great will and completes the assignment under any conditions.

On 6.4.45 a group of Il-2 under poor weather conditions has accomplished a mission to ?Assault? an Artillery Mortar Battery. The enemy responded to the group?s arrival with a strong antiaircraft fire. With skillful maneuvering the group penetrated the target and destroyed it, but when it was retreating from the attack, Comrade Shchukin?s plane was damaged with a direct hit by a shell that entered directly into the plane. In the second approach the leading group fell into a zone of strong fire. Comrade Shchukin attacked the antiaircraft position and left it silent by shooting the gunners of three weapons.

On 22.4.45, while accomplishing a mission in the region of Pillau, Comrade Shchukin noticed some Costal Artillery and after pointing to the group the target, he covered it with bombs and shot the gunners with machine gun fire.

He loves airmanship. He is disciplined and demanding to himself and his subordinates. He was promoted to Senior Pilot as the best pilot. He is devoted to the affairs of the Lenin-Stalin Party and to the socialist homeland.

For outstanding fulfillments in the commanded combat missions in the fight against German Fascists invaders and manifestation of his valor, bravery and courage and for the successful combat missions, he deserves the awarding of the order of the ?PATRIOTIC WAR? first class.

Commander of the 766th ?Assault? Red Banner Aviation Regiment

Major: (Signature) / Petrov /

28 March 1945

Deserves the government awards order of the PATRIOTIC WAR FIRST CLASS

Commander of the 211st ?Assault? Nevel? Twice Red Banner, Order of Suvorov Aviation Division

Colonel: (Signature) / Kuchma /

30 April 1945

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