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    Stauffenberg signed photo - 17. Reiter

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    I posted both sides of a photo of a dinner held by 17. Reiter in 1929 that was attended by members of ancestor Bavarian cavarly regiments on another site. See http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=337861

    The photo is a Hoffmann photo and was a personal souvenir owned by Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg of July 20 1944 fame. It has a piece of paper pasted to the back that is stamped with Stauffenberg's own personal stamp (as is the photo). The paper is signed by Stauffenberg and several other major resisters, two of whom were executed for involvement in the July plot. I have ID'd about 3/4 of the signers and have found that most are former officers from Bayerisches 1. Schwere Reiter Regiment.

    One member noted that I might have some luck asking on this site if anyone recognizes the officers in the picture. I have identified Prince Alphons of Bavaria at left centre.

    I have attached the photo and you can see the signers at the link above.

    Any help gratefully received.


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    Guest Rick Research

    You need to ZOOM IN and do these by sections in large large LARGE closeups. These are far too tiny to be able to tell anything other than the nearst table is full of NCOs and men wearing pre-war enlisted ranks tunics who don't appear old enough to have worn them-- some sort of "historical honor guard" for the event, perhaps?

    That site does not allow non-paying members to view scans.

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    rear - sorry about small size

    Here's the reverse sheet on the back of the photo with pencil signatures. The signatures I have ID'd so far keyed to the picture with the numbers. If anyone can assist with other signatures I would appreciate suggestions.

    1 ?

    2 v. Walther

    3 Berthold Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg ? Claus von Stauffenberg?s uncle ? died in Gestapo custody (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    4 Ferdinand von Robell (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    5 Freiherr von K?nitz

    6 Hartmann Maria Freiherr von ow auf Wachendorf (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    7 August Freiherr Leuffel von Birtenlee (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    8 ?

    9 ?

    10 ?

    11 ?

    12 Freiherr Reichlin von Heldegg

    13 Graf Anton von Arco auf Valley ? assassinated Bavarian PM Kurt Eisner 1919 - (Linien-Infanterie-Regiment "K?nig")

    14 v. Bressensdorf

    15 Oskar Freiherr Kress von Kreffenstein (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    16 Heinrich Freiherr von K?nitz

    17 Heinrich Freiherr Aretin

    18 Franz Freiherr Redwitz (Pers. Adj KronPr. Ruprecht von Bayern)

    19 Rath

    20 Joseph Ernst Erbgr. Fugger von Gl?tt ? member of the Kreisau Circle ? sentenced to 7 years (a.l.s.b. Armee)

    21 Karl Graf von Moy (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    22 Freiherr Speidel (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment & 17. Reiter Regiment)

    23 Graf Sandizell

    24 Ludwig Freiherr von Leonrod ? executed Berlin Ploetzensee 26.08.44 (17. Reiter Regiment)

    25 Prinz Ferdinand von der Leyen

    26 ?

    27 Albert Freiherr Aretin (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    28 ?

    29 Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg ? executed Bendlerstrasse 21.07.44 (17. Reiter Regiment)

    30 ?

    31 ?

    32 Freiherr Kramer

    33 Friedrich Freiherr von Bonnet zu Meautry(1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    34 ?

    35 Rudolf Graf von Marogna-Redwitz ? executed Berlin Ploetzensee 12.10.44 (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    36 Heinrich Gonnermann (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    37 Max Freiherr von Mauchenheim gennant Bechtolsheim (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    38 ?

    39 Ferdinand Graf von Arco Zinneberg (1. Schwere Reiter Regiment)

    40 Claus von Stauffenberg's personal stamp


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    Guest Rick Research

    You've had an amazing success decipering those scribbles. :cheers:

    Two name corrections-- August Freiherr Teuffel von Birkensee and Oskar Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein.

    I think maybe 26 is "Ignaz Freiherr von Besser"

    but these are still too small and bad contrast with pencil on brown for my one eye to cope with. Try some closeups on the sections of the ones you can't read-- but I suspect you've done a marvelous job here and scribbles will remain scribbles.

    What a gathering this was!!!!!!! :jumping:

    The officer in "mid left" post 5, just to the left of the generals, is wearing the uniform of the Bavarian Landespolizei.

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    Fregatte -If its Banfield I think it must be a relative. see - http://www.german-militaria.de/details/d43010.html for Gottfried's signature.

    Naxos - I think you are right about Czermak but I don't know who that would be in the context of this gathering.

    It take it it would be a little unusual for these luminaries to all sit down together? What amazes me is that among them was Anton von Arco auf Valley (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anton_Graf_von_Arco_auf_Valley) , convicted of murder, sentenced to death and sprung from Landsburg to make his cell available for Hitler in 1925. I would have thought such a character may not have been welcome in royal and regimental circles. Different times I guess even if his victim was a Jewish Marxist.

    Thanks for your help so far.


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