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    Hi folks,

    I have a question about Kriegshilfdienst cross...how many variants were awarded? I heard that there were at least two - zinc variant and silver one. I've just purchased the below one and I suppose it's the zinc variant. Was the silver one of a higher grade?


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    Your's is an awarded example in zinc. I'm not aware of any other variations issued. There are versions in silver, in silvered brass and I think as well in aluminium, but those are in my humble opinion private purchased "upgrades" of the zinc issue crosses. There was only one class.

    However, there was another, quite similar looking Prussian award: the "Verdienstkreuz" in gold and silver, instituted in 1912 for civil merits. It is not a higher class of this award.

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    This was a one grade decoration. The material used seems to be a function of availability of precious metals during the later phases of the war. Nimmergut's catalog indicates versions in aluminium as well as zinc & silver. I vaguely recall that the first award went to von Hindenburg and it was NOT zinc...

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    There was (is) a premiere silver edition for higher recipients. As I recall there were @ 100 pieces made.

    I have found the who, wheres and whys of this medal very interesting over the past few years . I suspect that every Landwehr/Landsturm officer in the occupation armies in the East got one of these in 1918/19.

    It is not overly uncommon to see these on female bows and I have noted over a dozen documents to women who were NOT denoted as nurses, merely "Frau Gretchen Faust of Wiemar" etc.. I have always wondered who these ladies were and what they did to merit the award.

    The Red Cross connections are not as common as many American collectors presume.

    500,000 were purchased by Berlin in 1917 from varied manufacturers and @ 460,000 were awarded until @ late 1919 (I have seen docs for a few in 1920 awarded at the company level).

    I have never seen one awarded to a German ally or foreigner.

    Berlin then sold off the remaining medals as scrap and a number of firms bought lots as replacement stock.

    Yours seems to be a very nice piece-very pristine and clean.

    I can't remember seeing any fakes of this medal.

    By the way, for more information, see the EXCELLENT[/i] Http://www.ordensjournal.ordensmuseum.de website. (2006)

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    Guys, many thanks for your input. It's really appreciated.

    After reading some old posts here on GMIC I was not so sure about its authenticity as someone said that an average price for that one would be like 75 EUR and that these were occasionally faked. I purchased mine like one week ago for 12 EUR so you can imagine that I started to be suspicious after reading such posts... I'm glad you like it :)

    Thanks again guys!

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    Yeah, Helmut Weize is offering even a gold one...


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    My examples:-

    The cross is hung backwards but, shows the maker mark "F".

    With regards women who received these awards who were not nursing,

    is there any evidence to suggest they helped organise collections for the War Effort

    or rolled bandages along the lines of the women and young ladies back in the UK during the war?

    Also with its 1916 - 1924 date of issue I would imagine many were to women and men who

    worked in the convalescent homes helping out with the severely wounded etc..etc..

    Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

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