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    Hi mates,

    I was not present on the forum almost 2 years.

    Since i moved from Europe to Canada in fact.

    Now, i have more time to present you some setup i had the chance to do since i bought 2 mannequins.

    It help a lot for the presentation.

    Currently, i'm still looking for flight equipment to finish them.

    1. Flieger Hauptmann



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    Amazing LW mannequins and Display.I love to see good DISPLAY.Thanks for nsharing with us. :cheers:

    All the best


    I agree!!! Great stuff! I love the Oberstleutnant and the Spiess set ups!! You have a fantastic collection of manniquins!

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    Strangly I had this idea 10 years ago while at Big Foot4X4. One of my responsibilties is we sponsor them. I go in there on occasion to give technicl advice nad give free product so they treat me quite well. My company developed diagnostic equipment that allowed them to build a shock dyno. This led to there long run of dominence in the Monster truck world.

    They sell broken body parts as souvenirs. I discussed taking the whole right side of the truck and cut the edge of the tires so I would end up with 4-8" of the real truck mounted inside my garage.

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