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    Hey mister...whats in the box?

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    Looks like an Armorers chest I used to have for British Enfield rifles from WWI. Sadly none of the parts, just the chest and ended up selling it off a few years before we moved. Was a nice heavy wooden chest with compartments inside for the various repair/replacement parts for said rifles.

    I can't clearly see the markings but the one on the front lower corner looks German, and knowing your love of German MG's I'm assuming it's such a chest for a German MG from WWI. Least that's my best guess.beer.gif


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    I can see what looks like Handgrenaten on the lid. Hardy, is that Eierhgr. stamped on the front right corner?

    If so, I still have a very nice example. Do you remember looking at that one Chris?


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    Damn that is nice!!

    Chris, how did they distribute the different kinds of grenades? Everyone knows the classic "potato masher" but more and more often I read about WWI German egg grenades. Was it a case of you used what you had? Were stick grenades used more for assult, since their blast radius was smaller??

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    Do you have the silver screw on lids? Why didn't I buy them all back then instead of just one? I could kick myself.

    If you're lucky you might see some at the show over the weekend.

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