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    Guest Darrell

    I bet the owner of this bar became a little upset when he could no longer wear it after the order (dated 29th March 1944) prohibited the further wearing of the Italian-German campaign medal.? sad.gif

    John .... interesting bar. This pretty much works in the favor that these Afrika Medals are good. Can you get a reverse pic of the Africa Medal? Is the mm on the left or right when viewed at the reverse? Is the name on the bottom incluse or relief? Probably relief based on this type jumping.gif

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    Guest Rick Research

    Ahhhhhhhhh, Don! THAT is one love.giflove.giflove.gif outfitter's "label"-- the whole thing is actually embroidered onto the one piece backing!!!!

    You should bring that one over into Imperial-- it will get quite a reaction in there, kind of lost here in the WW2 stuff!

    As for the ban on Italian awards... not a MEDAL bar, but this is what "thrifty" Vizeadmiral Lietzmann did with his "after" ribbon bars after Rome flipped--


    He just slapped a black patch right over his Italian Crown Order, device and all, and figured nobody would notice that "Terry Thomas's teeth" gap in his lower row!


    This is what his "before" set looks like:





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